Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blogville Olympics Squirrel Hurdles Athletes

Entries have begun to arrive and will be accepted until July 18 for the Squirrel Hurdles event. I will continue to update this page so you can check out the competitors for the medals in this event.

We are continuing to work hard on getting our entries in for our events as well.

Corbin Oh Corbin

Dante All About Lacocoon Dante

Goose of Gospel of Goose

Lassiter and Benjamin of Lassiter Chase

Lily Belle and Muffin of Lovable Lily

Molly Molly The Wally

Nina Bird Brains and Dog Tales

Roo of Roo's Doins

Roxy Downunder Daisy

Sarge Sarge Speaks Out

Storm of Charlene and Storm

Tavish Big Bubba and Baby Sister Blogger

So far we have registered for the discus/frisbee event, window art, opening and closing ceremonies, couch potato peeling, cross neighborhood walkabout, critter stalking, pole jumping, sycronized sleeping, and the tennis ball event. Mom realized our eyes were open for some of the sleeping/couch peeling event shots she wanted to use, so she will have to get those done hopefully before this posts.


  1. You have entries ALREADY...THAT is soooooo very much EXCITING!!!... WHEEEEEEEE let the good times Roll. I am hearing that many of the Cats are getting in OUR events and that TONS of US are getting into THEIR events... YEA the Real Olympic Spirit .... WHEEEEEEE

  2. Have a great Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sometimes I sleep with my eyes open...well at least that what MOM says.

  4. Remember you don't have to hurdle squirrels or even have them in the picture. You need to jump something. It can be plant, animal, or inanimate object. The squirrels are just what we find ourselves chasing when we hurdle stuff in our yard. That being said you are more then welcome to jump one if you wish.

  5. Roxy the chocolate Lab would like to enter the Olympic Squirrel Hurdles. emmm....squirrel.

    We are in the Great White North (specifically southern Quebec)and unfortunately it's July and there are no igloos to jump. We, however, will find something...

  6. Muffin and I are sooooo excited! We just entered your Event so be sure to check your In Box. We even had a VIP Coach working with us this year!

    Lily Belle & Muffin


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