Monday, July 2, 2012

Are You Busy Training for the Blogville Olympics?

Are you hard at work training for the Olympic events? We think the sleeping events are going to be our strongest. We are struggling with getting our opening and closing photographs. For some reason when one of us is sitting the other seems to want to flop down or stand up. For the standing photograph, well you get the idea. Perhaps as the deadline approaches we will find our inspiration.

You will be able to start sending in photographs soon. You can start emailing photographs to the event hosts on July 9th. We have a post here that lists the specific blog posts for the Blogville events so you can find all the information you need to know. Mama has not received all the info on the cat events so she has not been able to add those yet.

We are hosting the Squirrel hurdles and are looking forward to meeting all the contestants. You can find details to register for our event here.


  1. For the closing photos - you don't have to be seated together in the same pic, you can send me separate ones! Yesterday we trained hard for boxing. I didn't do so good, I am with you - sleeping is my best too!

  2. We arent competing this year but we are so excited to see all the entries, we are now following you back! Thank you for stopping by our blog. Yall are so cute and your sleeping method rocks!

  3. We have our entry ready , can't wait and glad to see you training so hard. We'd love to use that pic to add you to our Blogger Buddies page , just pop over and say it's ok and we will.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Now see... you are training fur TWO events in one.

    Ernie and I are working on our OUTSIDE thingys... in the morning and evening... when it is cooler. Isn't this a BLAST?
    We are gonna be SOOOOOO physically Fit. Maybe our peeps will be willing to DOUBLE our TREATS.

  5. You guys look hard at work! You will be winners for sure

    urban hounds

  6. You two look like world class sleepers!

  7. Would you mind if I come for a sleepover?


  8. You are always welcome Eva. There's always an extra bed around.

  9. we're not training, we're just anxiously awaiting reading everyone's posts


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