Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom has a birthday this weekend. Katy wants to get her a bone basket, but Dad said no. He did indicate we might get bones if we behave to celebrate her birthday though. We still have time to come up with a great gift, but time is running out. It is so hard to know what to get.

The fourth of July was so fun. We had one of our favorite people stay over and spend the holiday with us. The rain delayed the start of the parade, stopped and only resumed at the very end of the parade, so Mom and Dad were happy to get to see it. We stayed home and practiced for the Olympic events.

We think this is one of our best synchronized sleeping shots yet. We are so excited that we can start entering photographs for the Blogville Olympics on July 9th!!


  1. HAPPY BIRFDAY TO YOUR MOM!!! I think a nice bone basket would be a wonderful pressie... Dads don't ALWAYS know Best.

    I am so glad that you had a super holiday time and that the rain turned off in time fur the parade.
    I can see that your Synchronized Sleeping trainin is REALLY Paying off!!!! It is REALLY a Difficult event.. not for novices.. and you are both obviously... PAWfessionals.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    You two are so cute sleeping together :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I hope she has a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday to your MOM! (moms rule)

    Also - you have that back stroke sychronized swim down pat! Gold Medal for sure!

  5. Hap Happy Birthday to your mom

  6. Love the photo! Please be sure to wish you mom a Happy Birthday this weekend!! :-)

  7. Hope you have a pawsome Barkday Mum.

    Essex & Sherman

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!! Wait! YOU are getting bones on HER birthday? What's up with THAT!!??

    I am sure your Mom loves her BEST gifts of all........BOTH OF YOU (and Daddy too!!)

    Get your Mom some nice cake and ice cream and eat a few pieces for us!!



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