Monday, July 23, 2012

Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue

Dog Rescue Success, Blog Catalog and btc4 animals are sponsoring a day for bloggers to raise awareness about dog adoption.

Since we are only in our current home due to the amazing work of rescue workers and foster parents associated with New England Sheltie Rescue we felt it was important to participate today.

There are lots of options for rescue. Mom and Dad really wanted Shelties, but were commited to using a rescue. With research they discovered they could do both. New England Sheltie Rescue provided them with a Sheltie puppy for Dad's first ever dog. Since he had never had a dog he really wanted a puppy for his first dog. Many people told Mom and Dad it was impossible to find a Sheltie pup, especially a pure bred, through a shelter or rescue. Well they were prepared to wait and then I popped up on the breed rescue site and they became doggy parents very quickly. Several years later, when I was lonely and needed a companion, Mom and Dad brought Katy home when she was two.

Mom and Dad have continued to support our rescue and also participate in local fundraisers for shelters and rescues. You may have seen our walk pictures. Shelters and rescues always need help. Financial support is always welcome. Check with your local shelter/rescue to discover what donations and volunteer work is needed. Even small efforts can help.

Those of us who have adopted have the ability to share our positive stories of pet adoption/rescue with others. We can encourage others as they ponder the process and support them through the application process and as they settle in with the new dog.


  1. Aren't we rescue dogs just the bestest! Keep doing the support, Dads after the puppy mills here.

    Susie & Bites

  2. I'm a rescue dog. And if ya don't know I help my MOM when she starts to go into these coma thingys. I help her get the magic meds she needs to get out of trouble. Not bad for a rescue dog. Me and MOM support several rescue groups. We love it and I love all the doggies I get to meet.

  3. Like Goose above I am a rescue and so is my best friend Pip. Nice post today. Have a happy Monday evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Terrific post, rescues rock fur sure!

  5. YAY!!!!! We commend your mom and dad for adopting you through a Sheltie Rescue and we also commend the work that they continue to do for the rescue!
    You are the BEST!

  6. Great post, and great way to tell more people about purebreed rescue. Katie and Bailey are just two great examples of the wonderful companions you can find thru rescue. :-)

  7. You are a very lucky dog to have found such a good home, where your mom and dad even brought home a friend for you. What a great post. Tow dogs live with me now and I hope you'll come by and visit some time.


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