Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Katy Could Use Some Paw Prayers

What started out as problems getting up off the floor, which we got help from a dog PT for eventually morphed into Cushing Disease. The medication for Cushing actually helped with her balance and overall strength but we've had additional complications and her kidney's are starting to shut down resulting in pancretitis. If she goes there there is no coming back. She is getting morning IV treatments at the vet and her Dog Dad is hand feeding her baby food but we could use some help with prayers from the Paw that she can react to the treatments and get eating again or we could be looking at a very sad scenario.

I had wanted to write about this journey earlier but there is so much going on with caring for Katy and lots of non-Katy stuff that is great but time consuming that I avoided doing something that was going to be hard. It is hard to write about Katy not being strong, stubborn, and feisty.

I also wanted to record this for anyone else struggling with helping an aging dog with balance and stability issues because I didn't know what to do or where to start. First if you have the option consulting with a dog PT was worth it. The exercises and information on what we could do to help and what wasn't helpful was worth the consultation. We didn't end up going back for further visits because we started the Cushing treatments and then had food issues but I do plan on using the exercises to increase Annie's strength and flexibility as you don't have to wait until they lose strength to build it.

The harness Katy is wearing is the Help 'em Up Harness. I write this in case we do need to find another one down the road.

Reviews can be great or they can confuse you more if you don't know why someone purchased a product, what they were dealing with at the time. Katy has strength in her front legs and once stabilized can stand on her back legs. However, her back legs are weak, especially if she's been laying down. I had trouble helping her up off the floor and what became really scary at times were the stairs as without restraint she would fly down or barrel roll on the stairs even with the ramp a neighbor kindly loaned us to make going down the back stairs doable. The harness gives you the human a means of picking up and stabilizing the dog without hurting either you or the dog. We chose this one based on the suggestion of her PT and if needed I'd purchase another one because it has made a huge difference in being able to give her confidence in moving around.

The critisms I've read generally refer to dogs who no longer have the ability to stand once brought to their feet with the help of the harness. The dog is a dead weight in the harness if they can't support any of their weight on their legs. I've never reached this stage with a dog but the few people I know who have generally have had to move to more stabilizing equipment to allow the dog mobility as the harness isn't the right tool.

I meant to write all of this down in other posts earlier for my own records and to share with you. It has just been too hard to face. If I didn't write it maybe I could ignore it. However, having reread my Bailey posts I want to make my future posts balanced not as health updates but records of what an amazing dog she is today. Tomorrow I hope to get to talking about what an great night Annie and Katy had hanging outside for Halloween.


  1. We have our paws crossed for sweet Katy and hope she can be stabilized with the meds. It's never easy dealing with an older pup but we know she is getting the best care you can possibly give her.

  2. Prayers for beautiful Katy from all of us too. Take care sweet one.

  3. Dear Katy we have just posted a POTP for you
    The beautiful badge was made by Ann from Zoolarty
    I send you lots of healing hugs Cecilia aka Angel Madi's Mom

  4. We send purrayers and Power of the Paw and MM (Moose Magic ( it's an Elkhound thing) to sweet Katy !

  5. Sending you lots of doggy prayers. We hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. We send you tons of positive vibes and lots and lots of AireZen, Katy♥

  7. All paws together for your beautiful girl, may she return to good health soon.

  8. Prayers for Katy and all who love her. We were given the harness a year ago when Beau had hip problems but have not had to use it so far.

  9. I will be praying for your sweet girl. XO

  10. Prayers and power of the paw to Katy. Strength to you, I know how hard it is to make those decisions for an ill or older dog.


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