Monday, November 14, 2022

Halloween Memories

I had hoped to post these right after Halloween but Katy stopped eating and caring for her became more intense as we were spoon feeding her and sleep became something rather limited. Beautiful memories are a gift that help us let go of the hard stuff and cherish the beautiful times we have with those we love. Halloween was a great night for Katy and Annie both and I want to be able to look up this post next year and remember what a special night it was with the two of them.

Annie fell in love with the gnomes. She could hide behind them and observe everything going on and as it got dark nobody knew she was there and therefore no requests to pet the cute doggie. She has started hanging out with the scarecrows in the backyard now. I'm thinking we may need a year round contingent of these in the backyard for her as she seems to like hanging out with them.


  1. Such sweet memories that you will be sure to cherish for years to come. We have our paws crossed that Annie is doing well and not missing her sister too much.

  2. I'm worried about Katy now. Is she ok? I love your photos and it's so good to see you, but now I'm worried about Katy :(

  3. Caren Katy passed a week ago Monday. I couldn't post anything until Sunday, it was just too hard. I posted this Halloween post as a memory post to come back to as it was a beautiful day.

  4. Wonderful memories. Katy will always be in your heart.


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