Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Survived the Fireworks

We had a great day with family. Katy snuck under the kitchen table almost close enough to sleep on one of the young adults visiting. She was so close that she was breathing on the toes, but would not quite get close enough to touch. It is progress though.

Bailey spent the day on the couch snuggled with the same guest who was resting after a shift at work before dinner. I have wondered if Bailey's close relationship is what makes Katy want to get so close.

After reading about Nala's adventures with thunder and fireworks over at Bailey be Good I decided to try picking up Bailey and wrapping him in one of his favorite fleeces to hold him during the worst of the fireworks. He normally does not like to be held when there are noises, but he settled down in my lap and watched most of the Boston Pops concert with me before deciding he wanted to get down and sleep on the floor. I will need to try more experiments before convincing my husband of the possibilities of using the Thundershirt that Nala is trying over at Bailey be Good. I am content that Bailey relaxed.


  1. I know some people wrap their dog up in an ace bandage. In fact, that was the original premise for the thundershirt, a revised T-Touch idea.

    Glad Bailey was relaxed during the fireworks.

  2. I am so glad the fleece blanket helped! My childhood dog had a terrible fear of loud noises and it just got worse and worse as she grew older. Back then there was no such thing as a thunder shirt, at least not that we were aware of. Whatever helps your dog feel safe and secure, I think is definitely worth it.

    I am glad your night went so well!

  3. Sounds like the blanket helped. The Thundershirt didn't help Koira at all with her noise phobias, but I hear a lot of great things about it from other people.

  4. Fireworks are just not fun for us doggies - although I just slept through it all, even my new brother did so hopefully he will be fine. We are glad to see the blanket helped though.

  5. We have been reading about Nala and the Thundershirt too...seems like it really helped. We might try it too! So glad that you survived :)

  6. Firecrackers actually scare me a bit. I could definitely appreciate being wrapped in a snuggly blanket.

  7. I am so happy the blanket helped too! Dakota didn't do well Sunday night at all but last night the fireworks were louder and he didn't bark at all! I think it was because we had the TV on. That seemed to help drown them out.

  8. So glad you found success with the blanket, and survived through the fourth!

  9. OOOH! So glad you tried wrapping Bailey in a blanket! I hope you did a better job of wrapping, than mommy did with her pink towel. That thing was awful! Teehee!!

    I wish I was more confident that the Thundershirt was working with Nala for all of her fears, but I just don't see it yet. I read all kinds of great reviews from lots of people, and I can't understand how their doggies are totally cured of all their fears after wearing the shirt. Now either Nala is a very bad case, or we're doing something wrong. :P

    So glad you made it through the BOOOOMS!

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  10. I'm glad that the fleece blanket helped you alot :) I like to snuggle in my mommy or grandpa's arms when there's fireworks ^^

    Love ya,
    Jon Terry

  11. I don't expect it would cure him, but I am wondering if it would calm him. He is always going to get excited by noises, but it is the panic I am hoping will decrease.

  12. ooooh I need to try that with Cain. He freaks out with loud thunder and fireworks. We had fire works around us all weekend long. Sometimes the TV even bothers him. My vet said that sometimes it isnt necessarily that he is scared but that it could be possible he has sensitive ears and therefor the sounds are much louder and different to him than to us. Either way, its not nice to see a 90lb dog shake in fear. Him shaking in fear is worse than his seizures. Poor baby. Casey, things don't bother her a bit. Shes my brave little trooper. She gets shy around company, but other than that...shes pretty nosy. I might have to look into the fleece blanket (he loves those) or this thundershirt you mentioned.

    PS Cain and Casey say hello to Bailey and Katy

  13. Glad to hear you two survived the fireworks! The Fourth of July has to be a dog's least favorite holiday.

    Oscar isn't a huge fan of fireworks either. Our neighbors started lighting fireworks a day before and a day after the Fourth. Oscar had to deal with the noise for about three nights. :(


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