Monday, July 18, 2011

Doggy Story Time

I have been listening to audio books in the morning while I work on writing, crochet, and house projects. Some of the books I review for my education blog, others are just books of personal interest. This keeps me from doing what I did last night, staying up into the early hours of the morning finishing one paperback and one hardcover book that I need to return to the library.

Bailey and Katy were not sure at first about this noise coming from the stereo. However, now Katy will come and poke me if I have gotten distracted and forgotten to put her stories on when I come downstairs after my husband has left for work.

Yes, Katy now thinks that the stories are for her. Bailey will listen, and enjoy the voices, but the TV equally entertains him. There is something about the sounds coming from the stereo that Katy really enjoys.

Now Bailey will listen to anything that does not have scary sounds. He is the same way with TV. When I watch anything on TV with scary music or sounds, Bailey will leave the room and not return until it is over.

Katy on the other hand has developed a taste for books. At first, I thought it was the reader. Perhaps she appreciated a certain sound, tone in the voice of the reader. When she did not like the reader, she would demonstrate her objections by leaving. However, some of these readers read multiple series. She has liked some, disliked others. She seems to like the romantic stories. She has loved the The Frog Princess series and was very upset the other day when I did not continue the story as I had other tasks I needed to do outside the range of the stereo. She loved the Larklight series. However, she was not at all a fan of the Percy Jackson series I was reviewing. She came back for the The Red Pyramid series by the same author. I really am not sure I can trace a pattern. It has been amusing watching her get up and leave when she is just not interested.

Today she is resting by the door, listening to a new Charlie Bones series, Chronicles of the Red King. She seems interested and has yet to leave. Yes, Katy I did hear the CD player stop. I will put the next one in as soon as I finish typing.


  1. That is downright fascinating!

    Maybe Katy needs to get her own library card.

  2. Pretty soon she'll just start playing the stories she likes before you get to the stereo! Talk about too smart for her own good!

  3. That is very interesting! Katy will soon be quite well-read (listened)!

  4. That's amazing! I wonder what they are hearing. Finn listens to the answering machine messages like they are for her.

  5. Shelties are super intelligent so it is no surprise to me that Katy enjoys audio books!

    I love the photo of Katy and Bailey sharing the bed, adorable!

  6. That is so great that they are so interested in this! I guess they really know what they like!

  7. LOL! I wonder what the difference is??? Would love to hear about it if you can figure out. Zachary doesn't seem to notice the TV, but Henry loves to watch. He's particularly fond of son's video games (he'll visibly watch the characters move around) and sports (again, things that move around.)

  8. Oh wow!!! They are so clever, and must have great taste in literature!! :D Aren't shelties just the sweetest, cleverest dogs?

  9. Very interesting; please keep us updated :)


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