Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hiding my Bone

I am glad everyone liked my picture yesterday. What people missed was I was hiding my birthday bone from Bailey.

I love my crate. It is fun to go in and relax with my binky. Since Dad installed the air conditioner over my crate, it is fully air conditioned for the summer heat. One of the few places in the house Bailey does not like to go is my crate. You see this used to be Bailey's crate when he was a puppy. Unlike me, he was not a happy crate owner. He thinks crates are prisons with blankets.

Bailey was chasing me, I ducked into the crate with my bone and he stopped. After I came out and left the bone, he did not steal it from me for once. I had found a hiding place for my toy. Well for a little while. Eventually he did get the courage up to get it out. However, for a little while I had my toy all to myself.


  1. You have air conditioning right over your crate?! This is an excellent idea!!

  2. There is a window over my crate and that's where Dad installs the A/C. I wasn't here last summer and Bailey wasn't using the crate, so I am really getting the benefit of the A/C crate.

  3. I'm glad you like your crate hide-out. Must be nice with air conditioning and everything. I guess it's like a Very Important Doggie Suite. I hope Baily gets a bone like that of his own so he doesn't have to take yours anymore.

  4. Bailey has his own bone that he didn't want to share which is why I got one for my b-day. Now that I have one he wants both.

    I think I was lucky that my crate fits nicely there. Dad moved it at Christmas to make room for the Christmas tree, but he and Mom get running it to it so he was glad when it could go back to its regular home.

  5. Good job playing hide and seek! At our house only Bob and Zira like the crates

  6. You are so smart! I never would of thought you were hiding your bone!

  7. I LOVE the summers! I get to play in my pool, lots!

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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