Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bark in the Park

While Mom was at the park yesterday she found out the Lowell Spinners are also having a Bark in the Park night that other bloggers had told her about. This Sunday, July 24 there are limited tickets for special human and doggy seating and you have to buy a special dog pass for $5. The money goes to the Lowell Humane Society. Sadly, Mom was late to the concept and the game is this Sunday. Dogs can participate in a dog parade before the game. There are special dog events between innings. It sounds like fun. Not only do I doubt Mom could get tickets but with Dad traveling and another non-doggy outing planned for Saturday, I don't see Dad making a trip back to the park for the dog baseball game.

However, now that we know about it, we have a whole year to work on Dad. By then Katy may even want to make the trip. Perhaps I should ask Santa for baseball gear when I visit this winter.


  1. How fun! Hope you make it next year. Our local team, the Tri-City Valley Cats, plays the Lowell Spinners!

  2. I think they are in first place if I read the program last night. We were thrilled because this is the first game we have been to that they won. It also did not rain which also seems to be our tradition. We were happy to break both traditions this year.

    Our family loves minor league ball. We have the PawSoxs, the Spinners, and the Tornadoes in our area. In the last few years we have primarily visited the Spinners and the Tornadoes. They are just easier to get to.

  3. that sounds like it would be sooooo much fun!


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