Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fleece Coats

By now most of you know of our obsession with fleece blankets. Mom loves to talk about it to everyone. However, as the temperatures in the house dropped to the low 50's the blankets were not helping. After all, it is hard to walk around, jump on things, and patrol with a blanket strapped around you. A Sheltie has work to do and cannot be tied down with a blanket, no matter how cold it may be inside the house.

When Mom and Dad got the word it would be Thursday before power was restored, they went to the camping store to get supplies. While they were out they stopped at Petco and Bailey got the Blue Fleece Coat and I of course got the Princess Pink One.

Mom was thrilled on two counts. First, the items were on-sale and second we actually wore them and did not try to tear them off when she put them on us. Then again we have not worn them since the heat came back on so we will have to see if they work as well when it is not freezing in the house, it is just cold outdoors.

Thankfully, heat was restored earlier than predicted. However, we now have our emergency coats.


  1. Those will come in handy in February!

  2. It is hard for me to imagine ever needing a coat. When we lived in knee-braska I would loved being out in the -10 and below temps - why would you want to be all warm and cozy?

  3. Those coats look great and I love the sports blankies! With maybe a cold winter ahead you may just want those coats for chilly days.

  4. We thought you were Krypto (AKA Super Dog) with those capes.

    Essex & Sherman

  5. Nice fleece coats! Glad the power came back on earlier than predicted. Low 50s is way to cold for IN the house!

  6. Those coats look fantastic. I hope Mommy can find something like that for Little Benjamin. I think I have enough fur to keep me warm.


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