Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Weekly Book Review: The Salamander Spell

While Bailey has shown no interest in the series I was very excited when Mom brought home The Salamander Spell. After the romance and adventure of The Dragon Princess ,I had high expectations. Bailey had no interest in the Tales of the Frog Princess series, although he has gotten hooked on the Grimm's sister adventures Mom has been reviewing for her education blog.

Mom was interested in this story as it provided the family history Emma's Mom, Chartreuse and Aunt Grassina. It explains why Emma's Mom was not the green witch and why Aunt Grassina ended up with the gift of magic. It was not nearly as exciting as Milly's story. Mom has promised to make it up to me and has put Milly's next story Dragon Kiss on reserve at the library. I will admit Bailey is right, the Sister's Grimm are pretty funny.


  1. I didn't know there was a "sister's Grimm". How fun!

    YOu are going to be the most well read dog around :)

  2. Wow, you dogs sure get to read a lot of books. Mommy is more of a soap opera person and reality tv person. She will tape her soap opera and watch it when she gets home from work. I know when Mommy is busy watching her soap opera, I can pretty much get away with anything. If I distract her enough by barking -- she will give me treats, and throw the ball for me, you name it -- and I get things my way.

  3. Mom has been reviewing the Sister's Grimm series for her education blog. I suspect it will end up in one of the Christmas boxes.

    For some reason, Mom finds the TV distracting while she's working on the computer, but has always been able to listen to the radio. Someone suggested audio books as a way to improve audio processing and memory. Since Mom likes to multi-task library audio books have proven to be a great solution. It also means we get to enjoy the stories, too. She is still surprised we sit and listen.

  4. Wow, I didn't know this whole series of books existed! I love that little photo too!

  5. Dad likes to listen to the old radio shows. The Shadow, Johnny Dollar, Fibber McGee.

    We think your Mom should write a book. Maybe the Kiss of the Sheltie Girl?

    Essex & Sherman

  6. I never heard of these-maybe I should check then out. I love fairly tales. You guys have great taste in literature


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