Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Weekly Book Review: The Dragon Princess

Mom is right I like romantic books. I sat through all the Jane Austen books including the horror versions she reviewed and I loved them all. Bailey was off in the other room chewing bones. I have listened to the Tales of the Frog Princess all the way through the marriage of Prince Eadric and Emma. Now Mama has brought home The Dragon Princess which is the tale of Millie their 15-year-old daughter and I am still hooked. Yes, Bailey you can groan all you want, but this is a Sheltie version of a soap opera. You can have your endless sports, but give me a story first of a frog princess and now a dragon and I am hooked.

Yes, Millie can turn into a dragon and this adventure is about her learning to control her powers and have the choice over when she wants to be a dragon and when she wants to be human. Of course throw that in with her problem with finding a prince who can deal with a dragon princess and I have my romantic fix. After all as a Sheltie princess, I love reading about how others deal with the challenges the title brings.

Bailey is concerned because he now has to be afraid of snowmen. First, it is veggies and now dangerous snowmen. Who would have thought snowmen could be dangerous? After all sit on them for a bit and they melt.

I can't wait until Mama brings home the next book The Salamander Spell from the library.


  1. Maybe somebody should be writing books specifically for dogs?

  2. It is a thought. However, Katy is curled up on the dog bed listening to the latest library audio book this morning. I don't think she's prepared to wait.

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  4. Hmmm, One of Dog Dad's favorite books when he was a small hoooman was "My Father's Dragon"

    Essex & Sherman

  5. you are both such intelligent Shelties! I love how you read/review books with your Mama!

  6. oh, what a great bonding with your Dad. and that book is very interesting, I will ask my Mom to buy that book.

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