Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Weekly Book Review: The Dragon Kiss

Mom and I finally finished listening to the Dragon Kiss this week.

This book had more adventure that the previous one. Auden the dragon wants to be human so he can marry Millie a human/dragon. I cannot imagine wanting to be anything other than a Sheltie. Humans have no time to play or sleep. They are always traveling around and busy with other things. However, Auden had his reasons.

His relatives force him to complete certain tasks in order to get the right to be able to shape shift from human to dragon. Bailey liked that this book was less mushy and had more action. He hung out with me more to listen to the story while Mom was working. I was pleased that the story had my romantic happy ending. Mom borrowed A Prince among Frogs from the library so I can listen to the final book in the series.


  1. Your mom is great with the reading! Way to go. We requested the Sisters Grim from the library and it should be there soon (inter library loan). This review sounds good too

  2. We are glad you are enjoying the reviews. We are listening to Book 6 in the Grimms series this morning and it is wonderful. Not to give too much away, but Robin Hood and his Merry Men have become a powerful law firm. Mom has been laughing all morning.

  3. Oh my goodness! A Dragon sounds scary -- I can't imagine a Dragon Kiss. Is that where the expression "Hot Lips" come from? LOL

  4. One expects dragons would find dragon kisses comfortable. Unlike Lucy from the peanuts who found dog kisses so objectionable.


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