Monday, May 17, 2021

When Thread Attacks....

Now Mom often accuses Katy and I of attacking her craft supplies. There are some fiberfill incidents best left not discussed without our attornies present. However, I'd like to present evidence that sometimes the craft supplies attack us.

Case in point here I am on the floor sleeping peacefully while Mom works on her crochet Barbie doll outfits and wham crochet thread hits the floor. Do I attack it, harm it? Clearly no. I leave it alone.

Is that enough for this aggressive thread? No it clearly attacks me. When I attempt to peacefully calm it by sniffing and licking Mom tells me to leave it alone and removes it.


  1. Sheesh, we sure hope you showed the thread who's the boss!!
    Jakey and the Gang

  2. what is it with Shelties and thread? We had to take away all of Levi's rope toys, he shredded them all! Maybe they are part cat???

  3. You are so brave to remain calm while that thread was attacking you. We've learned to stay away from any of our mom's crochet projects.

  4. Ma won't lets me NEAR her crochet stuffs! She won't even lets me lay on the afghans!!! rude. I gots to say, if that yarn rolled near me, I would show it a thing or 87....just sayin'....
    Ruby ♥

  5. Being cats (well, except for Cinnamon) we believe anything on the floor is ours to play with.


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