Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween Surprise

We knew Halloween was going to be different this year with the COVID restrictions. Mom tells us despite the restricitions the City has decided to allow trick or treating with some new rules. So this first picture kind of demonstrates the fall feeling Mom was gong for as she's been keeping us from eating her colorful fall pumpkins.

However we woke this morning to this...

With low temps predicted it has Mom concerned with how many kids will be out. We hope to have some cool Halloween pics to post but we will see what the weather brings.

We must say since we don't get candy on Halloween we did prefer the snow cookies.

Just a note we have allowed comments again. While we were away we were getting some disgusting spam filling up Mom's email notifications of comments to be modified daily and she shut off comments hoping the disgusting warts would leave us alone.


  1. Wow! We're just a little jealous of your snow. It was cold here today but not cold enough for snow yet.

  2. TOTALLY jealous of your snow!!!! Ma didn't buy any candy this year, so no barkin' at the shrunken peeps. sigh. Anyhu, I hopes you have a FABulous Howloween! And I hopes those friggin' trolls leaves your bloggie alone!
    Ruby ♥

  3. It's very nice to see you again! Hope you're all doing well. We have a sunny Halloween day here in WNY. Too bad my ghostwriter has to go to work. Dad and I will be on our own if any ghosties or goblins show up.

  4. Snow, bowsers we've only heard about it. Dad saw some trick or treaters out the Collieween. Dad didn't give out candy this year due to Mr. Covid. It sure looks like you had fun in the snow.

  5. Wow!! Beautiful snow!!

    Pinot xo

  6. We were so surprised to get snow too!


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