Monday, November 2, 2020

Halloween Fun

Trick or treat was allowed in our city but not all over the state. It was strongly encouraged that we find non-contact ways to distribute the candy. Chutes seemed to catch on across the area. There were several in our neighborhood.

Normally we stay inside the house and bark at the little ones from the door but due to COVID the candy distribution was happening outside and Mom knew we needed to be part of the security so she bundled up and came out with us for a while and then decided we had to go back inside to warm up while she and Dog Dad finished up with the last of the little ones.

For once we actually got to observe what goes on during this candy collecting night. We've walked around with little ones collecting candy but we've never just sat outside and watched it from our own yard. Mom is thinking this might be worth continuing next year.

Our neighborhood has long been a popular spot for Halloween candy seekers so while our numbers were down with COVID we still had more than most of Mom's friends and family got, especially considering by the time Mom and Dad closed down the temps were in the low 30's.

What else should one do but snuggle with a holiday bone when one's responsibilites are done for the evening.


  1. So sweet. Love your baby sound asleep with his toy.

  2. Very cute! The chutes are a great idea! #MMBC

  3. Interesting about the candy chute! Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 18, open until November 26.

  4. We wish we would have had more Trick or Treaters...Mama and Daddy left the candy outside, and we only had three groups of little humans stop by!

  5. Very cute! We had a lot of chutes around here too. Visiting from the WW on a Tuesday link up today. Have a great week!

  6. That looked like a good idea! My Dad just tossed candy bars out the window of the storm door. We only got about 6 trick-or-treaters, though.


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