Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Every so Often I let her Capture One


  1. Gorgeous shot! Very nice of you to let her capture a beautiful photo of you.

  2. Ghostwriter has a little old lady patient where she works who had a collie named Laddie when she was a little girl. People with alzheimer's disease lose their short term memory, but can still remember things from long ago. The lady thinks Laddie is still alive and staying with her daughter. Ghostwriter sometimes shows her pictures of her Blogville friends who are shelties or collies. The lady loves to see them and it brings back so many wonderful memories for her. I hope you don't mind if we show her your beautiful picture.

  3. Having had family with memory challenges we know how challenging it can be to reach them and provide them with comfort. We would be honored to have you share us with her any time you wish.

    When Mom's Gram was alive Bailey used to visit her at the nursing home. He had additional patients he had to visit each time as some either had a connection to dogs in general or he would bring them back to a happy place in their past.

  4. Gosh that's a great shot!!
    What beautiful eyes!!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie :)

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We got the card list on Sunday-ish. I saw you were listed after us. I didnt check to see if your stuff was listed right. I will try to forward the email.

  6. Ok we emailed the list. Let us know if u didnt get it and we will plug in the computer and try again. I think u are on page 4. We already got some e-mails probably e-cards didnt open them yet. Its been busy.


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