Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday Toys

Mom mentioned my new puzzle toys during the Maine posts and then never got back to posting about them. After Bailey died I haven't been interested in any of my old toys. Annie is exploring them, but I really haven't played with anything other than an old treat ball Mom picked up some place.

While visiting Scalawags Pet Boutique she found two puzzle treat balls that I love. We paid full price for these balls and are getting nothing for our review. We just thought others might be interested.

The first is the Wobble Ball that reminds Mom of an old Fisher Price toy she had as a child. With my lack of interest in toys, Dog Dad was skeptical about buying these toys, but Mom said it was a vacation so we were going to splurge a bit and have some fun.

Well the Wobble ball is so much fun. I began playing with it at the Bed and Breakfast, rolling it and batting it around to get the treats out. I have literally rolled this ball through several rooms in the house trying to push the treats out. I've even worked it out of walls when I've wedged it into a corner. I've never done anything like this before. Dog Dad was impressed that I'm actually engaging with a toy. The reason there is a link to Scalawags is Mom searched for these toys online when we got home and it appears the ones currently being sold online are "updated" with lights and sound. Mom wasn't crazy about the upgrades liking the older version. Honestly, I think the link is there so she has a quick link in case I break my ball and she needs to buy another one.

The maze ball is not listed online, but it is also cool. This one forces me to keep the ball rolling in different directions to get the treats out through the maze. Mom has been alternating my toys to keep me engaged.

Annie doesn't get the puzzle toy attraction. I get it. Until Bailey passed, I didn't get the point either. Suddenly I'm hooked. She has however, adopted an old hamster toy that Mom just repaired for her.


  1. they do look fun but I not into puzzle toys really,I prefer a cardboard box to chew,xx Speedy

  2. Oh, treat balls can be so much fun! I am so glad you found some toys that you will play with!

  3. What fun toys, Katy!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Bet you have hours of enjoyment from that!
    Elliot and Cricket x

  5. Although it looks like a blast it also looks like a big teaser game
    Lily & Edward

  6. That's great that you found a good puzzle that keeps your brain moving!

    Leroy likes some puzzle toys but Sherman isn't interested!He knows that I'll eventually cave and help him!

  7. OOOHHH I think I would like a ball that rolls around and dispenses treats!!!
    Bailey & Hazel too


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