Friday, September 9, 2016

The Crate

Mom read about a new to her technique for getting your pet to want to use the crate. She decided since Bailey and I both were not huge crate fans that she'd try this new technique with Annie to make her feel more comfortable with using the crate when Mom has to be away from the house. Annie is not yet ready to be "home alone" as she's curious about everything and many of these things find their way into her mouth.

Anyways the technique suggests you put a desirable treat in the crate and shut the crate door leaving the dog outside the crate. This encourages the dog to want to get inside the crate. Later you open the door, allowing the dog to go in and have the treat without shutting the door. Eventually you work up to crating the dog with the treat. Well it worked I really wanted inside that crate.

Ok I kind of lost it. I wanted in that crate, despite the fact Dog Dad gave me the same treat without having to go into the crate. He's fair like that, but there was something about the crate bone I had to have. I tried everything I could do to break into that crate. I used paws, nose, and brute force, but I just couldn't get at that bone. Oddly Annie showed little interest. However, when it came time to be crated she had little issue with being crated either. She went in, had her cookie and settled in until Mom and Dad came home. I had my cookie and then tried to steal her crumbs by sticking my nose through the crate.

Mom was convinced I was going to stage a jail break, but I knew Annie was safer in her crate than running around and getting in to stuff. I do what I can to keep her out of trouble.


  1. I often get yummy things when I go into my crate...but I wish I could stay out! BOL!

  2. Glad that Annie is Ok in her crate. I get a treat everytime I go in my crate and I will run to it to get my treat. In fact when I know Mom and Dad are getting ready to leave I start barking at them cause I know I will get my treat to go in my crate. Yea - Pugs will do just about anything for food. BOL
    Bailey & Hazel too (who don't have to be crated!)

  3. It's jail don't let her fool you
    Lily & Edward

  4. I'm glad you didn't have a problem with Annie going into the crate. A certain little madam screams the house down if she is left in it 5 minutes.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  5. Dakota used his crate til he was about 2. One day he decided he was done with it, and that was it. But, to get him in the crate we ALWAYS threw a treat in and made him go get it. He never minded that the door closed behind him once he got his treat DakotasDen

  6. Thats a great idea! My dogs still loves their crates, even though we never shut the door on them anymore.

  7. I came crate trained, so Ma was super duper lucky! Butts, I thinks lots of us puppers likes it. Kinda like our own little den. I likes goin' in cause there are treaties! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  8. hehehe. Marcus loves his crate so much he often runs in without being asked to. Of course he's looking for a treat. Merci and Buddy often nap in there too.


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