Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: The Power's On

Bailey's had this strange attraction to the power strip lately. He really does seem to think he can draw power from it.

However, he has found another source of power that is helping him get stronger. He and Katy have started massage therapy and it is working wonders. We found a massage therapist at Paws in the Park and decided to check her out. We'd talked about doing it for years, but sadly something always came up. This time with Bailey's health issues we decided it was a priority. Then we discovered she lives in town, which made it seem even easier to commit the time to do.

Bailey has become very bow legged and walking almost on the sides of his paws. He's also lost significant muscle strength in his back legs that occurred sometime around our failed rescue attempt. He's had chiro for years, but nothing had stopped the progression. After his second massage session, his bowing has decreased significantly. His front legs have straightened dramatically. I hope to get some pics to show his vet the progression. He was too tired last night to submit for pics and I wanted to post something this morning.

We are also learning stretching exercises. As someone who needs PT exercises myself it never occurred to me to think that my dogs might benefit from stretching exercises as well. In the first session DH and I learned how to stretch both Bailey and Katy to help keep their legs more limber. Katy, especially has seen a difference with the stretching.

Our second session was with an intern who suggested we try making some beef broth from bone to help with Bailey's joint issues. I've made beef and chicken broth as starters for us over the years, I've never thought of the benefits for the dogs. I won't add all the veggies I do for ours, but I will look to getting a soup bone this weekend and making up some broth. She suggested freezing them into ice cubes to store the broth. Bailey loves ice cubes, so this could be a nice treat for him as well, especially with the hot summer months coming up.



  1. Massage therapy! That's what I'm talking about. Mom massages us a few times per week
    Lily & Edward

    1. Mom has massaged us too, but these people know stuff Mom would never have tried and are teaching her and Dad stuff to try at home.

  2. That's wonderful about the massage therapy! We hope it helps TONS!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  3. Massage sounds pawsome. So glad Bailey is improving with the therapy.

  4. I've heard wonderful things about massage therapy for dogs.

  5. Massage therapy sound wonderful - we might have to look for one around here
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. I"m glad the massage is helping! I bet they're going to love the broth :)

  7. We have done basic muscle massages on all our pups since they were little but, never thought of anything you have us thinking about it :-).

    PeeEss...I really wish Bilbo liked ice chips, but none of our pups are big ice fans. I have been giving him very wet kibble though, and thank goodness he has been drinking a bit in the past 24hours. Thanks so much for the advice.

  8. We have too because Bailey and Katy both like being massaged. I've even adapted a few tips I've learned when they've gotten massages at dog vendor events. However, I've never trusted myself to work the areas these two have been working in the ways they are working because I have no clue what I'm doing beyond the very basics.

  9. I have read about other dogs benefiting from massage therapy. I give Bentley a massage when he gets his bath and he will go sound asleep.

  10. I'm really glad massage is helping and the impact is so dramatic. We have a massage therapist here in Portand --heal-- and so many dogs benefit from her services. Beef broth sounds like it's absolutely worth a try. I feed a raw diet to the dogs so I've heard this too from others - let us know.

  11. That's so great! Sounds like it's really helping!

    I'm glad to hear about the bone broth as well.. The hubs has osteopenia (like a precusor for osteoporosis) so I've been making bone broth for him and he always shares a bit of it with Rita at the end. Hopefully she'll have strong bones when she gets older!

  12. I think that is a pawesome idea and so happy you are having good results!! DakotasDen

  13. This sounds really positive. I've had Ludo booked in for a massage before but she lives a long way from me and even then is only in the area 1 day a month. I booked a day off work and then she cancelled and I haven't felt like contacting her again. I should really make the effort.


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