Monday, May 2, 2016

Bailey's Green Bone

Bailey's never been a huge fan of plastic or rubber toys unless they were balls. Periodically he will be gifted with a package of toys that include rubber or plastic toys and we usually weed them out because they never get played with and just take up room. This bone some how cleared the purge at Christmas and wound up in the dogs' toy box where it spent its day lonely and unwanted.

Then came Easter and a little one was digging through the toy box to find a toy he thought was appropriate for Bailey to play with because he found the ball boring. He found the bone. I'm not sure what attracted him to the bone. Perhaps it was the bright green color and the idea that dogs like to play with bones. However, he proceeded to throw the bone and Bailey brought it back to him each and every time. That night after all the kids had left we found the bone on Bailey's mat. It hasn't left there since. He even managed to hide it when the rescue dog was here so he didn't lose it. It has become his favorite snuggle toy.

Recently we had the brother of the original little one who discovered the bone stop by the house. He too played with bone and sure enough when he left Bailey curled up with the bone and protected it carefully. I suspect we now have a bone ritual with a toy that is more like a teddy bear than an actual chew toy.


  1. Oh my...that is too cute. Maybe Bailey loves that toy because it smells like Little One?!?

  2. Hey Bailey.... it is YOUR toy... use it YOUR WAY... Right?

  3. That's funny Bailey cause we don't like plastic or rubber toys either. But that green is pretty cool
    Lily & Edward

  4. Playing with the little one made it extra special!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  5. How sweet. We do like to choose our own toys in our own time. An unusual teddy bear but it has sentimental value now.


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