Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday: It's Getting Close

We have much to be thankful for today.

First we won Oz's Petsmart Contest found here and have a $25 gift card to spend on goodies. The big brown truck showed up yesterday to deliver our prize. Sadly, we only heard the bell and didn't get our cookie from the driver.

Second, as you can see our first card wreath is full and the second one is starting to fill up as well. Mom has had a few entries, but as you could expect most of them are our friends.

Third, Bailey is supposed to be going in for a weigh in on Saturday and we hope to get good news that his weight has gone up with his new diet. His face looks fuller and his body feels less bony, but that's all subjective. We hope to have some data that what we believe is good news is real.

Lastly, it's hard to believe, but a week from tonight our family will gather together and have our big Christmas Eve celebration at our house. We are looking forward to seeing Dog's Dad's parents who we only see once a year now, as well as Grandma who will be traveling from PA and lots and lots of local relatives. Mom and Dad still have lots to do to get ready, but we can't wait to see everyone.


  1. Hope the weigh in goes well,and A family Christmas...well that is the best type to have,xx Speedy

  2. Look at all those beautiful cards! I hope Bailey's weight has improved. Good luck at the vet.

  3. YEs, there is so much to be thankfur fur!!! Your Christmas card wreath if overflowing with lots of luv.....I hope it doesn't fall from all that weigh from the cardst! BOL


  4. your wreath looks pawsome and congrats on your win :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on the big win... that is super.

    OMD you will have TONS of Company... that is grand... COMPANY does NOT know all the RULES... and You will get LOTS of snacks and stuffs as a result... Just sayin.

  6. It feels great when WE get more cards than our peeps! Paws crossed for a really good vet report on Bailey. Have lots of Christmas Eve fun with the family.


  7. What fun you got a gift card. There's no way mom's catching up with all your cards
    Lily & Edward

  8. Fingers and paws crossed for a good weigh in.

  9. Hoping the weigh in went well! the boys have all of the cards, Mom and Dad got about 4 lol


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