Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Garden Update

We can't believe it is June already. The weather has been good to the tomatoes and they are adjusting to their cages. We helped Mom with the weeding over the weekend. Mom was surprised that even with all the tropical weather, the weeds were minimal this first week.

Dog Dad only used to use newspaper wraps for the tomatoes. However, with the funky weather and the extra critter and bug attacks last year, he decided to experiment and use them on some of the other plants to give them a starting chance. He is pleased by the process and has seen stronger than he had last year.

Dog Dad added spinach and more lettuce to the back gardens this week. Mom remarked that the spinach looks remarkably like the weed grass we generally remove from the garden. We've never tried growing spinach before so it is a whole new area we are exploring this year.

They've been cooking and using spinach more in salads these days, so it seemed like a logical choice to add to the gardens. Along with squirrels, we noticed more chipmunk activity in the backyard since the gardens have been planted. We scared one into jumping into a tree. We are inspiring new heights in squirrel and chipmunk gymnastics.

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  1. Looking good there and we sure got to keep an eye out for those pesky tree rats and their friends.
    Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Have fun chasing the squirrels!

  3. Yes - enjoy guarding those beautiful gardens from squirrels. Nothing finer than fresh homegrown tomatoes. Happy Tasty Tuesday (and Training Tuesday) X TH

  4. Garden looks great, yes I too can't believe it is June already

  5. Your garden looks WONDERFUL. We are getting some leaf lettuce and green onions from ours... Butt it is not as weed free as YOURS is.
    WE have been chasing RABBITS outta OUR garden too. Those guyz are FAST... butt they can't climb any trees.

  6. What great veggies you have growing in your garden! I am excited for the spinach. I bet it is going to be a full time job keeping those pesky critters from eating your veggies. Good luck!

  7. Well done on the garden, anxious to watch it grow this summer. Keep us posted!

  8. Your garden is beautiful. We bet you can dig some good holes in that dirt
    Lily & Edward

  9. you have to keep those critters away! Your garden is just lovely! My Mom LOVES spinach, (but her kidney stones don't!) It's super bad for kidney stones that are caused by high oxalate food. :(

  10. We love spinach here and wish I was able to grow some. I envy you the garden and all the fresh veggies you will have. Looks like you are well on the way if you can keep the citters out of it.
    Continue your efforts to further critter gymnastics :)

  11. What a good looking garden you have! Mama is still procrastinating about planting her lettuce!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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