Friday, February 21, 2014

Mom and Dad Have Been Under the Weather

Have you ever noticed the odd expressions humans have. Dad says he and Mom have been under the weather and that's why they just don't have the energy for playing and walks like they normally do. Dad have you felt the snow falling on your head? You are under the weather every day.

They seem to be doing better, which has us feeling happier. You have no idea how much work it is to be a bed warmer for sick dog parents. They want you to stay with them and keep them warm. Then they complain you are taking up too much of the bed. They aren't rational when they are sick.

We have been enjoying the games though. Katy has taken to curling, Bailey not so much this time around. Perhaps he's outgrown it. Bailey's been more into hockey and the extreme sports this time around. We both enjoyed watching the skating. Mom and Dad watched all the team and individual competitions so we got caught up with all the skating.

Our snow cookie totals are really adding up. We think perhaps we may have over done our cookie prayers. We had two storms in two days that had significant cookie fall. Today it's raining so the cookies are getting washed away a bit. Tonight when it gets cold they'll likely freeze. Frozen cookies are an interesting taste. Unlike Mom and Dad the snow seems to have energized us. We have had some wild games of snow tag. Even when it isn't snowing we come in looking like snow dogs.

We are looking forward to watching the last of the events this weekend and then the closing ceremonies.


  1. WE are so Sorry to hear that you are having to take care of your Mom and Dad while they are sickie... We HOPE that they are MUCH better now. They DO Complain a LOT when they are sick, don't they!!!
    We love the Opening and Closing ceremonies and all the games... they have been Wonderful.
    Ours Just Now FINALLY went away... and we do NOT want any more.

  2. We sure are glad they are getting better so you don't get their germs
    Lily & Edward

  3. It is hard work having to nurse maid the peeps - first they are cold and want you close - then they say they are too hot and move you away.....they can't make up their minds!. We hope your peeps get to feeling 'over' the weather soon

  4. Poor Ma and Pa and we hope they are better now. Nothing sucks more than being under the weather. We hope now you have the last of the snow cookies. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Our Mommy was under the weather too. Must be a human thing going around. Hopefully we didnt have take her temperature the way us dogs do when we go to the vet. Hopefully u dogs dont have to take their temperature that way either.

  6. Bowsers, all that snow must be a lot of fun. I am taking care of my hoooman to.


  7. Hoping they feel better soon. I have had a miserable stomach bug and feel like poop.


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