Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday Party

As you may now we are big football fans and even though our team wasn't in the game, we couldn't miss the big game. Dad and Mom mad preparations for the game that included getting us new bully sticks and replacing a Valentine's heart we killed during one of our own footbal exhibitions on Saturday.

One of Dad's favorite friends always brings dog cookies for the start of the game and half time. In honor of the special game we also got a cookie at the end of the game. Mom and Dad were cooking up some special treats and man it was hard not to beg. The bully sticks helped to deal with temptation.

We had a rousing game of ball outside before the game and that kept us calm through the first quarter. However, we were looking for more action by the second quarter, especially knowing those half time cookies were coming soon.

We hope all the Seattle fans are enjoying their championship today. We are relaxing and preparing for the Olympics overload. Mom says we also are preparing for a big snow cookie dump tonight. We are in the 5 to 10 inch range as of this morning. While we love our snow cookies, that makes getting out for our bathroom runs a bit challenging. Dad will have to dig out our snow path again.


  1. Glad you had a great Super Bowl weekend. We don't follow that here but Supper Bowl will do. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. nice to know you had a good time, I cant say I like footabll but the puppy bowl is pretty nice

    retro rover

  3. WOW that was a SUPER Super Bowl pawty you had. Sorry about the snow heading your way... We woke to another 2 inches today.. after just melting off the 10 we had been suffering with... and MORE awful stuffs coming Tomorrow and Wednesday... and again Saturday and Sunday... Is there NO END to this torture???

  4. We were twiddling our toes just waiting for the commercials to come - the game itself was sooooooo boring

  5. We are getting that storm too....hope it's on the low end of the totals!

    Glad you enjoyed the game.

  6. Glad you had a great time, we didn't watch it, that was movie night with cheetos overload. They are saying we are gonna get like 87 feet of snow (Excuse Susie , she always thinks big, more like 5 inches) tonight, and then again Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Don't worry Mom went shopping, our food stuffs are packed in, firewood ready, emergency generator and blankies!

    The Mad Scots
    Pees; hope your storm is not to bad!

  7. We LOVED the game! One of the best we've seen. :) Since our team (the sad Chargers) are almost never in the S.B., it was fun to watch their sworn enemies take such a beating. We also like all the snacks! I'm going to post a few pics of Rita's S.B. experience for Wordless Wednesday.

    Lucky pups getting bully sticks!

  8. As much as we like the Super Bowl, this one had to have been the WORST in history. It is a shame when the Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl are more competitive lol. Be safe in the snow, we have the same storm headed our way tonight and early tomorrow.

  9. Our parents left us. Momma came home super happy though! ~Tink and Casey

  10. We're expecting about that much snow too. So far, the predictions are proving to be right.

  11. Those look like delicious treats, we doesn't really 'get' the superbowl here, but I hope you two enjoyed it!


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