Thursday, November 8, 2012

The First Snow Cookies of the Year

It snowed yesterday and we were treated to the first fresh snow cookies of the year. The best thing about snow cookies is Mom doesn't care how many we eat. We can run around the yard and scoop up as much as we want and she doesn't seem to worry about it ruining our dinner. That's what she says when we want to many of our other snacks.

We are still having wet weather, but it is more sleet than snow at this point.

This is our friend Mrs. Pumpkin. She has been on our porch for a while now. She had a brief trip indoors during the hurricane, but moved outside afterwards as we missed having her out there. Mom and Dad seem to think she will be traveling some time before Thanksgiving. We will miss her as we have spent hours sunning ourselves next to her.


  1. Brrrrrrrr I am COLD just Lookin at your pictures. I think Snow should stay AWAY until the Last Week in January... and then be GONE by the FURST week of February.
    BUTT at least you get to enjoy the snow Cookies.
    OH that Poor Pumpkin... She needs a Scarf and a Coat.

  2. I love it... Snow Cookies. I like to roll snow up with my nose and toss them in the air and catch them. Enjoy all your cookies.

  3. We love the idea of snow cookies and look at all the white stuff you got out there. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Mmmm eating snow sounds so good - almost as much fun as just running in it

  5. I love your pumpkin! Enjoy the snow cookies!!!

  6. Oh, we're just waiting for snow! I hope you enjoy your cookies, they're fat free. hehehe I'm sure you will be sad to see Mrs. Pumpkin go, she is very pretty. :)

  7. I think MY idea of snow cookies and YOUR idea of snow cookies are very different because my peoples definitely do not want me eating them (Here's a hint, I sometimes call mine Poopsicles.)

  8. No snow here yet and the pumpkins got moved outside. I smelled them and it wasn't so good. ~Casey

  9. How I wish I could get some snow cookies! You guys are so lucky!


  10. We had some snow cookies too -- butt our Mommy calls them Snow Balls. Hi Mrs. Pumpkin, nice to meet you!

  11. Hmmmm "snow cookies" I normally don't like snow...but...since you mentioned I can make them into "cookies" I may have to reconsider this year!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota


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