Friday, December 9, 2011

Mom Finished the Tree Skirt

Well Mom finally finished the tree skirt. This picture not only shows the tree skirt, but also my hiding spot I have with my couch now behind the tree. Mom has a point it is rather a unique hiding spot only available at Christmas. When I sit on my couch nobody can see me, but I have a great view of everyone in the room.

We received more cards yesterday. We have received cards from:
Chewy Deravi, Bella and Daisy, Bert King, Miley and Maggie, and Dakota & Cody, Frankie Furter, Freedom, Casper & Nikki, Maggie Mae and Max, Sweet William The Scot, Finn, Urban Hounds, Julep & Derby, and Remington.


  1. Beautiful skirt- our Mom doesn't know how to crochet!

  2. Be sure to tell your mom from me that I think the tree skirt is just fan tab u lous! Your mom is truly talented. Is it open in the back? How does it go over the tree stand?

  3. Mom says it is a really easy free Round Ripple Tree Skirt pattern. She wrote about it on her crochet blog.

    It is a split round ripple and it has a tie in the back.

  4. My Nan use to crochet....I wish I had learned from her before she became ill. That was ages ago when I was teenager and wasn't interested.

    The skirt is lovely and the perfect holiday colors! Great hiding spot too!!! No opening gifts have to wait till Christmas morning.

  5. Pawsome tree skirt. I didn't know that Christmas trees was girls and now I do! I just love great places to hide yet watch others!

    woos, Tessa

  6. That is such a pretty skirt - what a clever Mom you have.

  7. I agree, a really lovely skirt! Mum really wishes she could crochet, but I don't think she could do it as well as your Mom.
    Great hiding place!

  8. HI BAILEY AND KATIE.... How in the WORLD... the very SMALL world have I MISSED YOU TWO???

    I just got your Christmas Card.. and when I saw CORNING I just about FAINTED... I live Between Corning and Crooksville.

    I am your NEWEST Follower... butt I see that we have some to the same furends!! THAT is sooooo coool..

    We are Neighbors!!!!! Almost.

  9. Frankie I think you may have us confused. We are in MA.

    We are following you as well. Mom wants to go through the blog list after the holidays and start reading some new blogs.

  10. Now that's pretty! Nice job Momma!


    Mom says that took ALOT of love, time and skills that she just doesn't have!

  12. Nice hiding spot and your momma did a great job making the tree skirt.


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