Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Toys

Mom has this thing about rotating our holiday toys. Tyler the turkey was retired until next year, but then this magical thing happened this box of toys emerged we had forgotten about. You see not only do Santa, Mom and Dad buy us toys at Christmas, but we have a Grandma and an Aunt who also buy some of the coolest toys to play with, some that only make an appearance at Christmas. Mom tried to collect our toys to take a picture this morning, but we protested thinking she was going to box our toys again and she used that spy phone on her camera to catch us in action. She has not mastered the focus, but we still are not sure, when she is taking pictures and when she is texting Dad, so we cannot always be on alert to avoid the pictures.

After Mom took the time to gather our toys together, it seemed like a great chance to nap with friends.

The Christmas cards keep coming in and Mom has officially started on her second wreath. We have received cards from: Chewy Deravi, Bella and Daisy, Bert King, Miley and Maggie, and Dakota & Cody, Frankie Furter, Freedom, Casper & Nikki, Maggie Mae and Max, Sweet William The Scot, Finn, Urban Hounds, Julep & Derby, Remington, Max, Bugsy and Knuckles, Reggie and Lola Baker, and Douglas, Oskar Hoerauf, Brandon, Tessa the Maltese, and Erika, Blair, Koda, Sophie, Indy & Jack.


  1. Christmas toys!!! How wonderful. My babies lie on theirs too when they nap. It just feels so good doesn't it. You are really blessed doggies to have so many people buy you toys and send you cards. I think you deserved every one of them. Happy for you!

  2. HOLY GWALK A MOLEY... you two have a HOOOOOOGE pile of Christmas toys.
    I just KNEW you were gonna need a SECOND Card Wreath.
    Hey... neighbors.. if you need some assistance playin with those toys.. call me 740-342-HELP
    I can be at your house in a FLASH.. well a dachshund Flash that is.

  3. You both look so happy to have a bed full of toys!

  4. What a great load of toys!
    Dachshund Nola

  5. LOL. When Oreo was a baby dog, he loved to sleep in his toy basket! You two are too cute, Enjoy playing with your holiday toys!

  6. Pawsome pile of stuffies!

    I sure is happy that you gots my card!

    woos, Tessa

  7. You two have so many beautiful Christmas toys and your bed looks so comfy!

    I wish I could come and play with both of you.


  8. Wow that is an amazing pile of stuffies, you must take better care of them then us. N orbert and Bob like to rip up the stuffies. The cards are awesome, we love yours and have it hanging with all t he others in our dining room, we made a card banner

  9. Absolutely wuv all your holiday toys. Bailey you look so comfy sleeping with all those stuffies around you.


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