Monday, August 8, 2011

Mom and Dad Went to Rockport and All We Got Was

Nothing. Can you believe it????

Dad has not uploaded our new pictures so you will have to miss your Sheltie fix.

Mom said she tried to find us a treat at the dog botique store, but she has seen better selections at the dollar store. She was so disappointed. She got great deals for so many people, but nothing for us because the stuff was just not worth it. They had nothing we would have liked.

Mom did get a cool Sheltie Pewter key chain. So we know she was thinking about us. She is going to get Dad to take a picture of it later. It is formed in the shape of a Sheltie on one side and has the characteristics of a Sheltie listed on the other. The woman had no trouble selling Mama on the deal.

Mama and Papa are home tomorrow, but have plans with Grandma and Grandpa for Wednesday that depend on the weather. They will owe us big when their vacation is over.


  1. Be glad they didn't bring back some sissy sweater and make you wear it.

  2. Bummer! Hope they get their act together soon.

  3. I can't believe they couldn't find anything for you! They could have at least stopped at the dollar store and bought you something and pretended like it was a souvenier from Rockport. Geez. Not even a rock from Rockport to put in the garden for you guys to protect -- I hope they do better next time.

  4. Well they did bring home some rocks that our human cousin picked out for the rock garden. Mom says we are welcome to protect them, but that she wouldn't insult us by calling them gifts. She was very disappointed that they didn't have great dog toys or a yarn store. She had high hopes.

  5. Maybe they could bring you some cheese.

    Essex & Sherman

  6. A t-shirt should have been in order, or a new bone or two! Can't believe they left you guys *humph*


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