Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Humans do Not Understand Routine

Mom left home this morning. Mom almost never leaves home during the week. This just got the day off to a rough start. She said she was visiting the human vet and would be back much later because she had to travel to the big city, not the small town human vet. However, she promised the upside was that Dad would work from home the rest of the day. This was disturbing enough.

However, we finally get Mom and Dad home and think we are going to have some fun family time and strangers come. They have to check on some stuff at the house. Mom is thrilled because this person may have a solution to the snake problem. I happen to believe Mama is crazy. She moves them out of their comfy zone and they will just be more open about scaring her to death. The last thing she wants is to watch snakes relocate. Can you picture Mama watching as the snakes move across the lawn looking for new homes with snake real estate agents pointing out the best locations? Get hospital room ready now, Mama will need one. We are not snake herders even if they are harmless garter snakes.


  1. Humans just don't get how routines are important. We have them all worked out, wake up, cuddle, food, cuddle, snooze, cuddle, snooze, play, cuddle and snooze, more play and then snooze. Then dinner time, snooze cuddle, snooze and finally - wake up to go to bed! What is so difficult about sticking to that?

    As for snakes - Mom would not like them living anywhere near our house or yard !

  2. Jeff found a snake in our yard this week! EEK!

  3. We live way out in the country and have lots of garter snakes. Mom does not like to see them but is VERY happy that they are around. They don't come in the house but 3 times we have seen them with mice in their mouths! Yuck. But then again Yeah! I don't want no mice livin with me OR eatin my food!

    woos, Tessa

  4. Mom is cool with the whole snakes eating the varmits, bugs, etc. She just needs them to eat and not be seen or heard. The minute they are seen the deal is off and they need to be gone. Then that whole pretending that they don't exist thing doesn't work. These snakes have been rather aggressive about demanding acknowledgement. We are beginning to wonder if they are going to want a vote for Ward Councilor, too.

  5. OMG I didn't come around yesterday and I must have missed something SUPER important!

    I am TERRIFIED of snakes! (this is Mom saying that, NOT Dakota!)

    I hope you get rid of them soon, I can't stand to even look at them!

  6. We don't see many snakes. Lots of lizards and bugs though.

    Essex & Sherman

  7. Routine Good, especially if it's sleep, eat, play, walk, cuddle, sleep, eat, play, walk, cuddle... :)

  8. Snakes -- Mommy is freaking out! We've had a few snake spottings this year. Mommy noticed there was one that hid under the wood border by our fence. See the fence doesn't touch the ground in some spots, so we have wood to block those areas where the fence is too high, so no big intruder animals visit our yard. So, Mommy heard snakes like wood -- so, she is trying to figure out what to do to get rid of the wood. We have some bricks -- I don't know if a snake will hide under a brick. Uggh snakes! Good luck figuring out a solution to your snake problem.


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