Thursday, June 18, 2020

All is Well

Katy here. As you can see from her big smile Annie survived her teeth cleaning yesterday. She was a very good patient. The vet techs told dog Dad she never stopped smiling when she woke up from her cleaning. She was incredibly happy.

We thank you all for you powerful paw prayers.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Spa has returned

This weekend we happily returned to the spa. Yes, I said happily. We needed it badly and it felt so good to return clean, trimmed, and oh so free of hair. Mom and Dad have been doing there best but there is nothing like a professional to do it up nice.

With social distancing we didn't get to have our normal hang out at the spa. It is good to gossip with the others but it was still good to be back.

As we mentioned Annie is getting her teeth cleaned tomorrow which means anesthesia. So if you'd all keep her in your doggy thoughts we'd be grateful.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mom's Coach

It's exhausting coaching humans while they work out. You have no idea how hard we have to work to supervise, motivate, and make sure they don't break themselves.

Don't get me started on the noise this thing makes when it turns on that I have to be brave enough to endure. Then I have to make sure it doesn't attack me when Mom is on it making the pedals move. It is a dangerous assignment let me tell you. Katy and I trade off duties. The machine isn't noisy once it is on but it doesn't seem to bother Katy at all. She lays down by the door and leaves Mom to it. Me I know you need to watch this thing. It could turn on us at any moment. Don't any of you watch those machine movies where they suddenly take over.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Peek a Boo

I See You

Hi everyone. Katy and I have been very busy helping Dog Dad as he works from home. You can see us here trying to settle in as Dog Dad has moved where he's working to get better access to AC as the weather has gotten warmer since he came home to work.

We have become very good office dogs providing comfort and advice.

Annie has to have her teeth cleaned next week which requires anesthesia. So please keep her in your thoughts. It should be fine, but anesthesia is always a risk.

Mom is going to try to get back to posting here again.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Happy 6th Birthday Annie

Hi all it's me Annie here to share with you my 6th birthday. We've been away for a while and still not sure how regular we will be back but Mom didn't want to miss a chance to connect and what better occasion than of course my birthday.

Katy and I are both grateful that Dog Dad was able to score us some birthday cookies when he went to refresh our food supply. He wasn't sure they'd have them but we were pleasantly surprised to find they were still making them!!

Mom is still struggling with the idea that I've turned six. She knows the math is right but it doesn't seem possible that the time has flown so fast.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Helping Rake the Leaves

Mom taught Dog Dad the sheet method of raking leaves before they got married. She thought it was just something everyone did. Dog Dad's family had never heard of it. It was a big deal. For those of you who don't know about the sheet or tarp method of leave raking it is pretty simple. You spread a sheet or tarp flat in front of your leave pile and rake the leaves on to the sheet/tarp and then bundle the sheet/tarp up and dump the leaves where you are composting them. Prior to this his family used to scoop them up and dump them into wheel barrels, etc. Dog Mom says she had never known another way of raking leaves. She had a yard full of trees as a kid and some of her earliest fall memories included toddling around falling into the leave piles as her brothers were trying to get them onto the old sheets her Mom saved just for fall raking. Needless to say this was a huge time saving device that Dog Dad has continued to use with our supervision since he now has his own home.

Now mind you for those of you who bag your leaves this method is not nearly as helpful although it can help contain your leaves it will not magically get them into those paper bags needed to transport them to your place of disposal. This only works when you need to move them from one place in your yard to another. However, it will move a considerable more amount of leaves than your average pick up and put in the wheel barrel method. You can see us supervising the balled up sheet here. We wouldn't want it to get away from us now would we?

Now you will notice I am doing my proper job supervising. However, for some reason both Dog Dad and Mom can't understand Annie has this rather bizare fascination with items one uses to perform work both inside and out. She seems to think they are there for her to fight, play with, debate no one has quite figured out what the motivation is but she does it every time to great enjoyment. You see here she's challenging the rake and having a grand time doing it. She also challenges brooms, mops, etc. She will follow Dog Dad until she is exhausted while he mows the lawn. I can't say I understand the motivation, but it seems to give her great pleasure.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Blogville Christmas Card Exchange

We have been fortunate many years that people have emailed us to remind us to register. Last year sadly we missed the deadline and were quite sad. Mom has been haunting her reading list since Halloween as to not miss the deadline this year so she thought she would help others by providing the information here, too in case you missed the original post.