Thursday, June 11, 2020

Mom's Coach

It's exhausting coaching humans while they work out. You have no idea how hard we have to work to supervise, motivate, and make sure they don't break themselves.

Don't get me started on the noise this thing makes when it turns on that I have to be brave enough to endure. Then I have to make sure it doesn't attack me when Mom is on it making the pedals move. It is a dangerous assignment let me tell you. Katy and I trade off duties. The machine isn't noisy once it is on but it doesn't seem to bother Katy at all. She lays down by the door and leaves Mom to it. Me I know you need to watch this thing. It could turn on us at any moment. Don't any of you watch those machine movies where they suddenly take over.


  1. Yikes! I'd stay far away from that thing! You are brave doggies!

  2. oh sweet baby that vacuum is an awful thing!!! Please tell your Mama because she probably would want to know, our precious Dakota was diagnosed with cancer this past Monday....he is with us still, we will not allow him to suffer, but as long as he still wants to eat, take walks and seems happy, he will be with us. We are cherishing every day (((hugs)))

  3. We get it, Mama hops on that treadmill every morning. Jakey can fall asleep right next to it, but Arty and I stay as far away as possible!

  4. Ma has her elliptical thingie in her bedroom, and she shuts the door when she gets on, so I don't gets to snoopervise. It's really quiet though, so it doesn't really bother me. and, at least she doesn't try and gets me on it! BOL!
    Good work gurls! You gots to keeps the peeps fit and healthy and make sure they don't break their face fallin' off stuffs! (okays, maybe that's just Ma.....)
    Ruby ♥


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