Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Mischief: Claiming the Mat

This mat will fit both of us, but lately Bailey takes up all the space and we don't share. However, the other day, I snuck it and claimed it for myself. There is no reason why we can't share. Who can resist a nice comfy mat.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Granite State Sheltie Rescue Calendar

You know we can never resist the chance to plug a good cause. We are not associated with Granite State Rescue. Being from MA, we actually came from New England Sheltie Rescue. However, Mom never misses the chance to support other rescue groups and when it means cute Sheltie pics, well who can resist. Actually, Dog Dad always picks up a couple of commercial Sheltie calendars to decorate the house, so when Mom saw a Rescue Sheltie calendar it seemed an awesome substitute. She gets to support a regional rescue and still enjoy her monthly Sheltie calendar.

Mom ordered hers this weekend. We know there are others out there who might be interested in a monthly Sheltie calendar or they wouldn't keep selling them commercially so we thought we'd put a plug in for a rescue option. You don't have to adopt a Sheltie to help, you can also purchase a rescue calendar instead of buying that Sheltie calendar at your local calendar store.

You can find information about ordering one here. Just a hint, don't make the mistake Mom make and click on the option for international shipping. They give you three options and that was just too confusing for Mom. The first picture is for pick up for locals. The second is for US shipping and the third for International. Of course Mom picks the International and had to back out the order. Most of you can probably figure this out, but we thought we'd mention it since Mom had an issue.

If you know of other rescues that are doing calendars for online purchase it might be worth posting links. They make cute gifts for dog lovers and they support great causes. As we said, we are not associated with Granite State Sheltie Rescue, but we are more than willing to switch from buying a commercial calendar to supporting a Sheltie Rescue. We are sure others would do the same if they had more information that such items were available to buy. Let's spread the word.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Terrific Tuesday: Halloween Fun

Mom was very pleased that Katy and I were celebrating Halloween on Saturday. We aren't much into costumes, but we do love our bandannas. After Bailey's diagnosis, Mom was very concerned Bailey wouldn't be around to greet the trick or treaters this year.

Well, instead we had a busy night greeting kids who came to the door. Mom was amazed at how many kids seem to remember and ask for us when they come to the door. Bailey loves trying to peak through Dog Dad's legs to see the kids and greet them. Even Katy peeked around the door to get a look at the kids this year. In years gone by she's run and hidden every time the door bell rang.

One of our neighbors sets up a haunted yard each year, which helps draw crowds to the neighborhood. Katy was desperate to go visit the crew setting up, so Dog Dad took Bailey and Katy for a walk before dark and she did a safety inspection before the kids showed up.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Mischief: Relocating the Blanket

Mom and Dad have fleece placed on the couch and on our mat for us to use. However, the other day we decided we wanted to share a blankie and moved one to suit us. Mom for some reason thought this was rather adorable and had to capture our private moment.

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Treats for Shelter Pets

Dory's Backyard is hosting a fundraiser for shelters where she will donate a dollar for everyone who posts about what they do to help local shelters and links up from Halloween Eve until November 1. Being rescue dogs we couldn't resist the urge to help so here we are with our post.

1. We are on the list for New England Sheltie Rescue for our next dog. Sadly with Bailey's Lymphoma diagnosis, we need to honor the request that was made when we adopted Katy that she not be an only dog.

2. We do two walks to raise money for local shelters each Spring. We also shop while we are at the events. While they are called walks they are more like fairs that give local shelters opportunities to meet people interested in adoption and raise some badly needed funds and pet vendors opportunities to meet new customers. We like to participate in all the events.

3. We try to write about local events and post them on bulletin boards that list local events when ever we can. We do this for fundraisers and pet friendly events when we have the chance. Blogpaws has an event calendar that members can list events on and it would be great if more members added local events. It gives groups more opportunities for free publicity and it encourages others who don't live in the area to think about these events. Would they work for their shelter? Is it a pet friendly event that would encourage the community to be more open to pet friendly events if it was held in their home town? We don't always have to reinvent the wheel we can learn from each other about how to raise funds, run events, and get people interested in participating. The more we share the bigger pool of knowledge we have.

4. I write and talk about our experiences with breed adoption. There are lots of people who don't realize there is a good possibility of getting the breed you want through rescue if you are willing to do a bit of homework and don't want the dog tomorrow. Breed rescue can take a little longer, though not always. Our first two adoptions were very quick. This one is taking a bit longer to find the right match.

While many people are happy with a mixed breed, others will go the breeder route, especially after visiting a few mixed breed shelters and being told what they want is not likely to happen. However, for those who have experienced breed rescue we know it can be challenging to find one because many are regional, but if you look through the AKC site for the breed many do list the breed rescues for that breed. I was able to help someone locate a Sheltie Rescue for their area after posting an article on breed rescue a week ago, just by giving them the link to the AKC Sheltie site that gives a click on state map. We can both advocate for rescue and help people find the dogs they really want.

5. Pictures with Santa. I think this is a gift from the shelters to us every year, although we do make a donation. We love visiting Santa and having our picture taken for charity. We think these events are fun and a great way for shelters to raise a few dollars at the holidays.

There are always other events at the local pet stores to raise funds for the local shelters as well. We try to attend when we can. We know they always are in need of funds.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Mischief: Recovering in Bed

After Thursday's glorious mud bath, Mom felt a need to follow it up with a not so pleasant soap bath. So I decided to dry out on her bed. Mom is grateful she stopped me before I made it upstairs in my muddy happiness. I was headed there when the evil leash clipped on me and headed me to the dreadful tub of doom. Mom mentioned something about the bath tub resembling her former students Nile projects as the water turned rather muddy. She fails to realize the soft fluffiness that she attributes to the bath is really all about the mud.

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