Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: How to Cope When Your Bed's in the Wash

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Can you Believe It is Almost Thanksgiving?

Mama has been very bad about Blogging. She's had all this other stuff she puts ahead of our blog. However, we got her to sit down and put her fingers to the keyboard. Lassister and Chase saved us from missing the card exchange because they posted a comment on an old blog entry and we made it just under the deadline. We would have been so upset if Mama blew that. Reilly and Denny have sent us our first card already!!! We have an appointment to meet Santa and Mom wants to use that picture for our cards. In the past we've had our picture taken during a summer fundraiser, but that gentleman has enough business that he no longer does festivals, only private sittings. So, we await Santa in order to get our cards done.

We had a dusting of snow this week, but not enought to snack on. When we will get our snow cookies???

Katy is really into football this season. Bailey is a casual observer. However, if Papa forgets to put the pregame on, Katy reminds him that he's missing the talking people with the cool voices.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall is a Great Time for the Sports Loving Sheltie

Katy here. We love watching sports with Papa and now we are sporting our Patriots and Red Sox fleece. We really do love our fleece. Yesterday we routed the Patriots on to victory while happily curled up on our favorite team fleece.

I've been causing a bit of mischief lately. While Mom and I usually enjoy curling up while she reads and I sniff my way through her books. A few weeks ago I snuck into Mom's library bag and attacked a paperback book. I was so stealthy that it was only because I was so quiet that she came to check on me and realized what I had done. She was so embarrassed that she had to tell the librarian I chewed a book. Well actually she made Dad tell the librarian. Now Mom doesn't let me sniff the books and she's moved the bag off the floor to higher ground. I miss sniffing the books. They have such an interesting smell.

Bailey's finally off his meds, which means he's back to eating again. It is so hard to watch him not eat his kibble. I thought I was being helpful when I offered to eat it for him, but neither Mom or Dad was amused.

I am trying to reform, but there are just so many temptations.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Good News!

The Vet called yesterday and Bailey does not have Lyme disease. Last Friday Bailey started limping and we noticed a sore spot on his side he'd been working on. We called and got a rare last minute Saturday slot to see the Vet and she was concerned he might have contracted Lyme disease and put him on meds after doing some tests. With the holiday there was a delay in getting the labs out and returned. However, we are pleased to know it isn't Lyme.

His limping cleared up quickly, but he still has his rash. She wants to see him if it hasn't cleared up with the meds in 10-14 days. He's very frustrated because he's been forced to wear a t-shirt to keep him from going after his hot spot. He's requested no pictures be taken until he's shirt free.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Katy's 3rd Gotcha Day

It is so hard to believe that three year's ago Tuesday, we made a long trek to CT to bring home Katy. Poor Bailey was terrified until he realized it wasn't a trade in, but an add on. He finally relaxed and started to make friends when they were both strapped into our now deceased blue Saturn.

She was so scared and so afraid those first few weeks. It took her a very long time to believe that she had arrived in a forever home, not another foster home. When that line was crossed she started to truly open up and it was wonderful to see her truly discover her world.

This year one big advancement has been making connections beyond DH and I. This summer we had to travel out of state to a wedding and Katy got one of her favorite people to stay with her and Bailey while we were gone. She was so disappointed when her dog sitter had to head home. That wouldn't have happened a year ago.

We are so proud of you Katy. You continue to amaze us.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where Did the Summer Go?

We can't believe Labor Day has come and gone. We had such a busy summer with Mom and Dad that we never got around to posting for the whole month of August!!!!

We got on Mom's case when we realized yesterday was Katy's 3rd gotcha day and she forgot to post anything. She promises to post something tomorrow dedicated to Katy. This has been a big summer for Katy. She has really come out of her shell.

Bailey's dealing with some health issues. We are waiting for some test results. We will post news when we know more specifics.