Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Can you Believe It is Almost Thanksgiving?

Mama has been very bad about Blogging. She's had all this other stuff she puts ahead of our blog. However, we got her to sit down and put her fingers to the keyboard. Lassister and Chase saved us from missing the card exchange because they posted a comment on an old blog entry and we made it just under the deadline. We would have been so upset if Mama blew that. Reilly and Denny have sent us our first card already!!! We have an appointment to meet Santa and Mom wants to use that picture for our cards. In the past we've had our picture taken during a summer fundraiser, but that gentleman has enough business that he no longer does festivals, only private sittings. So, we await Santa in order to get our cards done.

We had a dusting of snow this week, but not enought to snack on. When we will get our snow cookies???

Katy is really into football this season. Bailey is a casual observer. However, if Papa forgets to put the pregame on, Katy reminds him that he's missing the talking people with the cool voices.


  1. Yes, be been missing you guys. Winter is here and we are doing the same, watching every por game we can!

    The Mad Scots
    Whew we just got our cards, like 87 thousand, all mailed today

  2. It has been awhile since we have seen you two

  3. We got snow cookies today, so I'm sure you'll get some soon!

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  4. We've been missing you too and mum has been worried about your mom. ~Tink and Casey

  5. Glad to see a blog post from u. Glad u made it into the Christmas card exchange. We've been working hard signing our names on the cards. Sure hope we calculated postage right. Hope your picture with santa turns out great. Dont furget to tell Santa to bring u lots of treats.

  6. I am glad to see you posted. I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving either.


  7. Welcome back! Glad to hear things are going well for you guys. We missed the card exchange deadline. Hopefully we'll enter next year.

  8. Have a happy day. Maybe more snow is on the way


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