Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Robin Hood's Faire: Watching the Shows

We had a wonderful time watching the performers. We saw Robin Hood and the Royals and wonderful musicians. Dog Dad and Mom's favorite was Shakespeare Approves. While Dog Dad is not normally a huge fan of Shakespeare he even went back for the third show, we'd missed the first one.

Dog Dad can't understand why we refuse to drink water outside of the house.  Even with our own bowl, it just isn't the same.  Annie did drink some water out of a bottle cap at one point, but it does bother the parents that we fight staying hydrated.  We even refused ice cubes a kind vendor offered us.  We just don't drink outside the house unless it is rain water that Mom doesn't want us to drink outside.
Shakespeare Approves was awesome.  If he appears at a Renaissance Fair near you we suggest going to his show.


  1. What an exciting day at the faire! Mom has the same problem sometimes when we are practicing agility - she wants me to drink some water and I won't
    Hazel too

  2. I really love seeing plays outside. This fair looks like lots of fun and very nice that it is dog friendly. Ruby doesn't like to drink water outside the house either. Whenever we go on day trips, I always bring water and she just refuses to drink!

  3. Guys were mew at Sherwood Forest? How exciting!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & co xox


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