Monday, April 23, 2018

Enjoying a Dry Day

This Spring has been unseasonably cold, snowy, rainy, and sleety. Only Mom minds the snow. You can eat the snow and even nap in it. It's rather refreshing in the sun. However the rainy stuff is not pleasant and if that is our only option we guess we are ready for Spring, especially since Mom likes being outside more when she isn't freezing with the cold.

This picture was taken last Friday and it was one of the only really great weather days last week. When it wasn't snowing, or sleeting it was a cold icy rain. Not that we don't need rain, but when you have to go outside to potty, rain is annoying at best.


  1. Yeah, rain can be a pain in da butt.

  2. It's been that way here as well. Walks have been cold and short and I don't really want to go in the yard if it's just wet. I'm glad Spring is here.

    Abby Lab

  3. Isn't it great that Spring is finally here? Most of the mud in my yard is starting to dry up too! Hooray!

  4. oh yes Dakota agrees that rain is annoying for going potty, he isn't a fan of the snow though either lol. We WERE dry but we have rain coming back tomorrow and the next couple days DakotasDen

  5. Snow nsps? To each their own bundle of cuddle.

  6. We had a beautiful weekend. Today is cooler and windy but we are supposed to get up to 80 on Friday!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  7. Oh, I don't likes the rain eithers gurls! Not funs on my furs, or my paws! Come on overs and enjoy the warm 82 degree sunshine! (before it goes away....☺)
    Ruby ♥


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