Tuesday, February 20, 2018

National Politics and Blogville

I normally don't post twice in one day, but I thought it best to say something because I think this issue is important. Blogville has long been one of my retreats from the world. There I find stories that are funny, sad, inspiring, and the stories have brought me back even when I've taken time away with other responsibilities. Blogville and a few craft sites are some of the only places I can seem to escape the constant bickering over National politics. Everyone seems to have an opinion. There are those devastated over the elections and those elated. The agnostics can't seem to catch a break.

I've noticed a few political posts in the past and said nothing as they seemed infrequent, but President's day seemed to have triggered a few and I will say freedom of speech is a beautiful gift. You do have a right and the privilege of saying what you want in this country and I hope it is one that is never damaged by political correctness and regulation of speech. I do believe however, you also have to decide what kind of community you wish to live in when you speak. We can fill Blogville with all kinds of political rants. However, remember they won't all be the kind of political speech that supports YOUR political beliefs. Once you open that door you will find some of your fellow Blogville members have political views you don't like. So while you vent your political anger, imagine Blogville filled with posts from the other side with views you don't like. Wait isn't that every other social media site out there today?

Well surely I can just avoid those posts. Well of course you can. I fell on one accidentally yesterday by a Blogger I really love and was so disappointed I left without leaving a comment. I didn't visit another favorite Blogger this morning because her Blog preview came up in my feed and identified it as a political statement I had no interest in reading although she has the cutest dogs and I love seeing their outfits on a daily basis. NO visits from me today. Doesn't matter what the political subject matter is folks I come to your blogs to read about your pets. If you insist on writing about politics it is a way to start damaging Blogville as I can't imagine I'm the only one who agree or disagrees with the your posting just wants to escape the politics for a little while. This is how Blog communities die when people stop visiting and commenting. You want to add traffic not drive it away. If you only want followers who share you politics then by all means become a political blogger. If you want to participate in a much wider world of Blogging realize not everyone wants to read political views whether they share yours or not. For some reading pet blogs is an escape from the political theater.

To clarify I'm not talking about the hundreds of quality, educational posts I've read on animal related political issues. While some of these are political in that they relate to animal legislation, etc. I've learned a great deal from reading up on these posts and I've written some posts in support or against ones that have been written because it does relate to issues regarding our main topic here in Blogville our animals.

Social medial has thousands of sites where you can find people who share your political views or to debate those that don't. Until the last election I can say I really didn't know or care what most of the members here believed and I was OK with that. Sadly, this community is not immune to those who feel the need to bring it into the mix.

Just a note for those of you who have been working on your blog to work with brands. It is also important to remember brands have been getting hit by the left and now the right about the kinds of people they advertise and work with as partners. If they have 2 Bloggers with cute pets, well written posts, and engaging sites, but one makes political statements and one focuses on the central topic of animals which one is a safer bet for the brand in this environment? Just saying.

Blogville is an informal grouping of Bloggers. There are no rules or membership requirements. You are free to post as you wish. I merely ask you to think about the kind of community you wish to belong to going forward. Do you want us to be another site fighting over the politics of today or are we that supportive, friendly, welcoming environment that encourages fellow animal Bloggers.


  1. Mom Kim here - I wanna thank you for posting this, it really made me do some deep thinking and reflecting. I am also one who believes in freedom of speech and never does want to see that change. I do push it on my Facebook timeline and Twitter accounts - my sis gets mad at me a little because of some of the political stuff I post there - I do try to limit it tho. But here in Blogville, I remember when I first started blogging - it was just a blog and not so much of a pet blog and I was floundering ... until I "turned it over" to my dogs. They don't care who is in the White House or what Congress is doing - they just want a full belly, warm place to sleep and some love from me - isn't that what is important? I do get tired of all the political stuff on FB and Twitter - I try to block as much as I can but then I have to remember - I'm contributing to it and I'm not sure I want that role. Now this is something I'm going to be contemplating - remembering that all this social media that I do - I really got started as a means of promoting all the pet bloggers/pet community/my dogs - that's what is going to have a lasting affect on me, not so much all the political stuff I post. And I do work with a couple of brands here on our blog, just for products - I do wonder how all that political stuff interferes - something more to think about. And now that I recently FINALLY upgraded to a smartphone, I want to get an Instagram account but I am pretty sure that mine will remain a political free space - I'm a Beagle mom and darn proud of it - that's what I want my legacy to be and that's what I want to continue here in Blogville.

    And now that I have rambled on and on, think I'll stop.
    Mom Kim

  2. I thank you for your kind response.

    It is a challenge and one I hope we can meet in Blogville. There are so many places that do cater to the need to vent, to fight, to argue, to debate, and all the rest that nobody seems to be lacking for a space to talk politics on any side.

    It would be nice to have a corner of the social media world where people still can come to focus on what unites us without needing to know all that divides us.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting and for taking the time to comment!!

  4. This is a great post. We feel the same way
    Hazel, Mabel & Mom

  5. Yap! We come to Blogville to read about pets too!


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