Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday Mischief: The Bed Wars

That blue rectangular mat Annie is laying on is Katy's bed. It is the only bed she uses in the entire house. The look you see on this face is patience, tolerance and love, but big sisters evenutally do teach little sisters lessons.

Annie loves to do anything to get Katy to notice her, pay attention to her, play with her. For the most part Katy is a good big sister, gentle and caring. However, every so often big sister fights back. This was Bailey's bed. He actually won it in a contest at a shelter fundraiser and he and Katy would sometimes share it. When he passed Katy would lay next to it, but she wanted nothing to do with sleeping in it. She has a small egg crate mat with a sports fleece covering that lies right in front of a heat vent. In order to vex her Annie has been stealing her spot. Until recently Katy has never retaliated.

I came in the room one day to find Katy has reclaimed the right to use all beds. Annie is not sure she likes what she has set in motion.


  1. Aww! Sharing is good ... isn't it?

  2. They are so cute - I had a dear friend some years back who was a Sheltie lover. Over the decades he had several pairs.

  3. Funny, we cockers never fought over doggie beds. Now a big rawhide bone … that was totally another issue! Grrrr.

  4. My guys rarely share a dog bed. Beckett doesn't use the beds much at all, he much prefers mine or sleeping against the wall so he can be upside down.

  5. Hazel loves all the beds and mostly prefers not to share. Mabel will try to cuddle but usually Hazel will move to another bed
    Hazel & Mabel


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