Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Goose Rocks Beach

There aren't many dog friendly beaches where we live. However, one of the first things we discovered when we were researching our Maine vacation was that Goose Rocks Beach was located close to where we were staying and was open to dogs before 9AM and after 5PM.

We weren't really sure how Katy would react to the beach. We'd taken Bailey and Katy to Hopkinton State Park and Bailey's reaction was similar to the Wicked Witch of the West's. He hated standing water. Katy followed Bailey's lead for a long time. We were curious to see how she'd react to a beach full of dogs.

We were surprised to discover Katy liked the water. The weather was warm in Maine. Perhaps the water felt cold and that's why she was willing to wade in the water this time when she had always refused before.

The only part she didn't like was when the waves splashed up on her and that is when Katy would retreat.

While the Inn doesn't allow inside bathing of dogs, they do provide hoses for outside cleanup. Katy got a paw rinse to get the salt water and dirt off her when we got back to the Inn.

Katy's still not hooked on water, but she is open to wading in it, which was a huge step forward for her.

Our experience was very dog friendly during our time there. People did have some dogs off leash, but they were being responsible keeping their dogs under voice control, which made the experience much more enjoyable.


  1. Looks like fun! I wanna go to da beach sometime.

  2. Looks like a lovely beach. Glad Katy gave the water a chance and got her paws wet. Ruby hates the water. Our previous dog, Pip, absolutely loved the beach.

  3. Our angel Miss Ginger hated to her her feet wet! She didn't even like to go outside if there was dew on the grass!

  4. How fun for Katy to get new experiences! We are not big fans of water although our Angel Greta was.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee Es
    Mom's daughter knows that mom likes to "create" on the computer. She was tired of re-writing her class rules every year. so Mom created and emailed them to the daughter (she is 500 miles away) and daughter will get them printed at Costco!

  5. What a beautiful beach!! One of the main differences I've seen between the East Coast and West Coast is the abundance of dog friendly parks on the west coast. So glad Katy got a chance to get her paws in the ocean!

  6. I am loving these photos!!!! Yay Katy! I think she was much more brave than Dakota would have been! DakotasDen

  7. Cute! It looks like a some buddy is enjoying the water
    Lily & Edward

  8. OMD....Beautiful beach! BUTT I'd be running from those waves too. In fact even little waves would swallow me up! BOL

  9. My guys will come wading but that's about it for them too. If you're up in Maine again, try hopping over to Campobello Island, all the beaches are called discovery beaches, meaning rocky. They were all dog-friendly. Great for beach-combing though.

  10. How nice to be able to take your dogs to the beach to have fun on a hot day.

  11. I remember both my dogs first beach experience. My lab jumped right in. The poodle carefully waded in knee deep. Only. Somewhere on the blog is my Youtube of Cole in Lake Placid

  12. Oh, I'd love to take Rita to Maine! The inn looks really great, and that looks like a super nice beach! The beach here is the same - dogs can go on leash before 9 and after different times in the winter/summer. Rita is just like Katy - she loves to wade, but doesn't like the waves. That looks like a wonderful trip!

    1. Great photos, Katy! You look like you're having fun.

      My Echo was more like Bailey and didn't like the idea of water.


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