Friday, March 11, 2016

Good News at the Vet

We thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes. We took Bailey to the Vet yesterday, yes on his birthday because of his refusal to eat his kibble, his continuing issues with diarrhea, his inability to sleep through the night, and his overall discomfort made trying to get an appointment sooner rather than later important. We'd been in contact with his Vet by phone, but this seemed like a visit was needed.

She continues to believe this is IBS not Lymphoma based on his symptoms and his overall health. She believes the Lymphoma test might have been a false positive based on the fact he's not followed the course of a dog who has Lymphoma and hasn't received chemo. This was such a relief, I felt the world had been lifted from my shoulders. She gave him some additional meds and he's back on beef and rice for a bit until we can get his stomach settled, but she really believes we can manage this and it isn't a sign that Lymphoma is emerging. Once his stomach settles again, we'll have to see where we go with a feeding program that will keep the weight and muscle growth he got back after starting the prescription kibble.

Not the birthday he was hoping for, but I feel like it's Christmas folks.


  1. Best birthday gift ever! What a relief.

    Hope Bailey's tummy is feeling better soon.

  2. It took us a long time to find a food Reilly could tolerate - he had all the same symptoms but his was due to a poultry allergy

  3. We AGREE that it wasn't what you had PLANNED for the day... BUTT it is like a Christmas Miracle for SURE. We are So happy that things are looking MUCH better now.

  4. Continuing to send lots of prayers your way
    Lily & Edward

  5. Wonderful news! hope you can get the food figured out
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. That's such encouraging news! YAY!!!

  7. I can sure see how you feel like it is Christmas and I couldn't be HAPPIER for you!!! I just feel bad that for months and months due to an incorrect test, you were made to think the worst. I think it taught us all to re-take tests or get a second opinion. Thank God Bailey is going to be ok....I bet now you are finally going to get a good nights sleep! (((hugs))) DakotasDen

  8. We hope the news continues to be good! And a belated Happy Birthday to dear Bailey.

  9. We hope the good news keeps coming.

    Dog Speed & Happy Barkday

    Sherman, Gemini & Dog Dad

  10. A trip to the vet on your birthday is no fun - but it's hard to beat when you get such great news! Best birthday present ever!


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