Friday, February 26, 2016

Once Upon a Time Blog Hop

Once upon a time there was a younger son of a King named Bailey. His father's kingdom was not a prosperous one, so he was sent off to be a knight in another kingdom. However, there to his dismay a human child was born and Prince Bailey was told he would have to leave and find another Kingdom to serve. He was fortunate to find a very kind group who helped displaced Sheltie Knights find new kingdoms with lots of squirrels needing to be tended. There he was placed in a temporary foster Kingdom with a woman who taught him lots of skills a Sheltie knight would need to be successful in a new kingdom.

Soon Prince Bailey was introduced to a new King and Queen who were in need of a Sheltie knight to take charge of their backyard. He ruled fairly and wisely. He even eventually learned to stop chewing on everything in the house, although paper continued to be a life long temptation. He practiced his herding skills on his toys and made friends every where he went.

The King and Queen noticing he was rather lonely decided it was time to find him a Princess and contacted the person in charge of finding misplaced princes and princesses new homes. They found a beautiful princess they felt would love to come and live in Prince Bailey's kingdom. Now Prince Bailey didn't know quite what to make of this talk of a Princess. After all the King and Queen had weird ways of telling silly stories to amuse themselves. For instance, they would joke about a trip to the groomers as a trip to the spa, implying some kind of luxury retreat. The groomers were no luxury outing. Just what did they mean by him getting a Princess to share his realm with and did he really want to share?

The day arrived and the King and Queen loaded up the carriage to go to the Kingdom of CT to make a royal visit. Bailey loved royal visits so he was quite excited until he arrived at his destination. This couldn't be, for this was the place where he had been abandoned by his first King and Queen. It couldn't be happening again. All was well in his kingdom. He was sure his King and Queen loved him and were pleased with him.

The King and Queen were puzzled. They had been certain he'd wanted a friend to come and live at the house. This reaction seemed odd. Then they realized while they had never been to this location before, Bailey had for this was the arrival spot for all Sheltie's displaced from their Kingdoms. Their beloved Prince did not realize he was not staying, but bringing home another to his realm. No reassurances would comfort him. He spent the entire visit scared. Even the site of his beautiful Princess Katy was not enough to relax him. Sure she was a beauty, but not worth losing his kingdom over.

Then something surprising happened, the King and Queen rose to leave and motioned for Bailey to follow them. He wasn't being abandoned after all. Wonders of wonders, the beautiful Princess Katy seemed to be following as well. With some encouragement from the King she hopped into the car and snuggled right in beside him. His princess was coming with him!!!

We can certainly say they lived happily ever after.

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  1. Bailey ovation standing ovation! What a wonderful fairy tale. Thank goodness you found a very loving King and Queen to live with and how kind of you to Welcome the beautiful Katy to join you. The best days of the rest of yous and Katy's life will be surrounded by all things kind
    Madi your bffff

  2. This is just the most touching and wonderful story.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  3. What a wonderful story of King Bailey and Princess Katy!! We love the happily ever after stories the best!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. That is such a sweet story. We love the happy ending for the Prince and Princess.

  5. We love this story with a happy ending. We also don't think saying you are prince and princess really is a tale!

  6. OMD OMD OMD this is a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Fairy TAIL... WE are THRILLED that Princre Bailey Found the most FABULOUs King and Queen in the entire WORLD.

  7. What a great story from a doggie's point of view!

  8. there is noting like a true fairy tale and it brings tears to my eyes. your story is much like ours with Baby and Cooper... i could have told their story in much this way. our prince and princess are across the rainbow bridge now

  9. I'm so glad that this group was there to support the sheltie knights... and that the young prince found a fabulous new kingdom...

  10. Bravo Bravo!I love Happy endings,xx Speedy

  11. Hi Bailey, I'm Melon. I found you through The Teacher's Pets blog. I thought your comment on age discrimination was thought-provoking - and true!
    This was a good post to start on because I found out how you came to be Prince of your Kingdom!
    P.S. I am a human (despite the funny name) who blogs about her animal adventures.


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