Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Mischief: The Christmas Prep Edition

We got new jingle collars when we got our holiday grooming done on Saturday. Mom says they look like jester collars, but we know they are jingle collards, not as good as our plush ones, but still a cool holiday edition.

Dad and Mom are both a bit under the weather as we approach Operation Santa Paws. They are barking lots and making that funny sneezy sound. We are hoping they are better before Christmas Eve when all the sheep come to visit.

We've been trying hard to pick up those last minute Santa Paws points by being good. Katy stayed up to watch over Mom when she wasn't able to sleep. Bailey's been wrangling lots of Jr. Sheep. We think the crowning achievement that will take us over the top is that the Jr. Sheep are no longer afraid of dogs thanks to us. While they don't trust all dogs they are no longer afraid of us and that took real work on our part. Especially since Katy had to get over being afraid of them first.

We are posed next to Mom's heirloom Nativity. Sadly, Grandma lost the roof at one point, but it was handmade by Grandma's Uncle during WWII for Grandma's Mom as a Christmas present. Mom has been nursing it carefully along. Most of characters have changed over the years. However, Mom still has the 4 Kings from her childhood (Grandma always tells the story about the 4th King and Mom finally found the story to add to her Christmas collection), two baby Jesus (one always got lost during the season), and one shepherd. The rest are pieces acquired when Grandma had grandkids. The older pieces didn't all survive because they weren't all plastic.

The second card wreath is almost full, but Mom is winning the card race in that one. Her crochet friends have been sending lots of cards, but we got another batch on Saturday to keep in the running.

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  1. Hope your parents feel better soon! Merry Christmas!

  2. It sounds like you've all been extra good! I hope Santa Paws rewards all that good behavior!

  3. Y'all are so adorable. I hope mom and dad are well by Christmas!

  4. The big day is nearly here and we so hope mum and dad will be better by then. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Hope everyone makes a speedy recovery!

  6. Hi Y'all!

    We all get our shots here. If I have to get them, then the Humans must get theirs also. That and the Humans use Zicam if they get barky.

    Have a Merry and healthy Christmas!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. That is pawsome that you still have the Nativity Set all those years, with some of the older figurines.

  8. oMD OMD you can NOT have sick peeps at Christmas... Tell them we are sending POTP fur them.
    Excellent job with the Jr. Sheeps... We love the Nativity with all that HISTORY attached... very Meaningful.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your Peeps..

  9. 'Tis the season to be running around preparing things last minute! *wags*

  10. Congrats! You have WON our SpawDry Gloves Giveaway, please reply at so we can send them to you!

  11. Merry Christmas!! Feel better soon!

  12. Hope the barking and sneezing end in time to have a wonderful holiday!

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  13. Hop the peeps get better before Christmas.......with all the work you guys have your racking up them brownie points!

    The Mad Scots

  14. We also hope your pawrents are better before Christmas!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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