Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tales from the Veggie World

Mom is constantly harping about how much damage we can do if we aren't careful in the garden. Have you seen how big these zucchini plants are Mom? If we stop posting send someone in to check out the zucchini. It might have taken us all. Can you see how it is kind of reaching out towards me?

This is why we normally don't watch the Sci Fi channel with Mom and we stick to watching sports with Dad. Now it has led Bailey to an irrational fear of veggies. I like the shade this one is providing. If it gets a bit bigger, I can sit underneath the whole thing and get a nice break from the heat of the sun.

With blooms appearing on the zucchini plants, Mom is hopeful that she will have some fresh zucchini soon. She and Dog Dad use zucchini in quite a few different recipes. From the look of the plants, they should have a decent crop.

Mom and Dad were very excited to have fresh lettuce and spinach for their salads this weekend. Both are doing quite well this season. Katy did you see the zucchini creeping into the picture, making its presence known? I'm telling you the stuff is taking over. You’ve got to stop turning your back on it. Don’t you remember the The Celery Stalks at Midnight? Veggies can go bad and not in a smelly way either.

What has been most surprising this season is that we still have asparagus in July!!! This has always been a short spring crop. The parents aren't complaining, but they are shocked that they still are getting quite a healthy crop.

As for the rest of the garden, the tomatoes are starting to expand fully into their crates cages and flowers are just starting to appear. Katy has been walking the line on the peppers, much to Dog Dad's dismay. She thinks it keeps critters away. Dog Dad is convinced she's going to step on a plant and kill it. So far, she's done amazingly well at walking the rows.

Mom found out about an edible perennial presentation being offered at the local library this month and she and Dog Dad signed up. They love the asparagus and the chives and would love to learn what else would keep coming back every year without having to be replanted.


  1. OMD OMD there is NOTHING as wonderful as a FRESH PICKED Veggie... We love those Zucchini thingys... they make super TOYS that after a bit become a SNACK.
    What no Sugar Snap Peas or Green Beans... We have had some of THOSE ALREADY this year... and BRAVO on the asparagus lasting SO LONG this spring.

  2. That is going to be one yummy garden when it has grown. Mmmmmm!

  3. Frankie, Dog Dad loves Sugar Snap peas and tried growing them for a couple of years. The first year we had some success. After that, they didn't do well. According to our garden guy they are an early spring crop here and if you don't get them in early, they wilt in the heat of summer.

    This is the first year since we started veggie gardening that we aren't growing green beans. Mom and Dad decided this years garden should reflect the crops most used in their current cooking. So they added spinach and they took out the beans.

  4. When my Ma was young...ahem...and lived up north, she always had zucchini in her garden. It is delicious but those plants get HUGE! One year she had so many zucchini plants, she couldn't pick them fast enough and some of those zucchinis were the size of someone's arm. She couldn't give away enough zucchini that year! BOL We love your garden.

  5. Wow, that's an impressive garden! I've never been much of a gardener, unfortunately. No green thumb... And I hate bugs. Do you get hose gigantic tomato worms?? Planted tomatoes last year and about had a heart attack when I saw 8 of those beasts on my plant!

  6. Jackie, Dog Dad's grandparents taught him a trick to use to prevent cutworms. You fold newspapters and create a circle with them. As you dig your hole to plant the tomato you put the width of the newpaper half way underground and half way above ground. You leave plent of room for plant to expand. Works great. We even used it on zucchini this year because we had some bug attacks last year.

    Mom will have to get a picture for next week's post.

  7. Your garden looks beautiful. Don't taste anything yet
    Lily & Edward

  8. OMD your courgettes are doing so much better than ours and so is your asparagus , we will be eating ours at Christmas BOL xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. I'm sure those giant zucchini plants could handle it if you just so happened to accidentally step on them!
    Since strawberry season is over, I decided to pull up a bunch of the plants and shred the roots! I guess I'll never be picked for guard duty...

  10. Blogger was hungry again.

    Caren Gittleman has left a new comment on your post "Tales from the Veggie World":

    your garden is AMAZING!!!! That zucchini is going to be huge (or THOSE zucchini).......I never knew that asparagus grew that way! So cool!

  11. looks like you have some really tasty stuff growing

    retro rover

  12. You guys sure have a healthy garden growing. Lots of good eating to do there.

  13. Your garden is looking good!
    I actually spent all day Saturday putting my garden together much better then I had it! It looks great now, and well worth the work!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. Your gardens look great! Our zucchini is also doing very well this year (last year the plants hardly grew), and it seems to be a good year for strawberries as well.
    Our dogs aren't allowed in the garden area, they can't be trusted!


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