Monday, December 2, 2013

The Card Contest Begins

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad tried out some new Thanksgiving healthy recipes and were pleased they tasted better than some of the stuff they had in the past. Of course we got the traditional kibble meal.

After a full weekend of football, Dad brought out the green tree and started putting it up in the living room. So far it just has lights, but we know Mom will have lots of tempting stuff hanging from it soon.

Even before Thanksgiving cards were arriving. We are up on Mom by 2-1. We are going to be visiting Santa this week and then ordering out cards. They have local pickup so we hope to get them out quickly after that.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the holiday season.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Have marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I think we doggies are going to beat the peeps paws down in the card department!

  3. So glad u had a good thanksgiving we r not doing cards this year as dad begged mom to save on it. So you need not send us 1. Thanks 4 your advice about blogging. I'm definitely going to combine the two blogs
    Urban houbds

  4. I'm currently beating my mom, too! 4-2

  5. Yep, the games have begun, and the fun has started, we are WAY ahead already!

    The Mad scots

  6. We had a great thanksgiving. Glad yours was good too. Make sure to tell Santa your wish list fur Christmas when u see him.

  7. We got the most INCREDIBLY THOUGHTFUL AND BEAUTIFUL surprise in the mail yesterday! A CARD FROM YOU!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! It was beyond thoughtful and much appreciated! We weren't sure if we are sending this year but with the contest, how could we not? Stay tuned!! xoxo

  8. So you're seeing who gets the most cards, you or mom? Sounds like a fun contest. I would love for Maya & Pierson to get more cards than me.


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