Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

We had such a busy Christmas vacation we did not have a minute to blog although we did get a few comments in here and there.

First, we would like to thank everyone who sent us cards. We got so many wonderful compliments on our card wreaths and Mama had to admit most the cards were ours.

Second, we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. We had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration. One of our favorite relatives was here and we got so much attention.

Christmas was amazing, too. Our Florida Grandmother spoiled us with new toys. A friend bought us toys and treats on Christmas Eve. Santa had bones and new toys for us in our Christmas socks. (Dad always donates Christmas socks for us to chew through as our Christmas stockings.)

We were in such a mellow mood on Christmas Eve we let our NC Grandma brush us out when we found our tree house trees left us with tree sap on our coats.

Mama told Papa she is going to start taking down the tree today. We will be sad to see it go as it is one of our favorite places to hide. However, it will give us back more room to run around, so that is a good thing.


  1. Well it sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

  2. We agree with Goose... as usual.. you had a super time fur sure. Glad your G-Ma spoiled you.

  3. What a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year
    Benny & Lily

  4. Sounds like u had a pawsome holiday. All those treats and toys sound wonderful. Happy new year.

  5. Have a very happy new year

    urban hounds

  6. We are taking our tree down today too. Happy New Year to you and yours. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly


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