Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Blogville Olympics Continues

We are having so much fun participating in events and visiting the other venues when we aren't competing in events. Today we participated in stick jumping which you can see the wonderful video of the event at Bert's here. We both participated in the event and really enjoyed this event.

We went and visited the Stick event over at Goose's and you can view the video here. The event features both singles and doubles events. It is well worth the time to visit. Tomorrow is Marathon Chewing and Digging. Looking at the list of events, we are hosting Squirrel Hurdles and it looks like our only remaining athletic event is the Tennis Ball one. We will be heading over to cheer on all the athletes at the events, though.


  1. We too have been popping round like crazy whilst keeping up with the human ones. Wow it is all go.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Mommy finally got around to watching an event from yesterday-- she was on cloud 9 being so proud of us at the Stick Event -- that she had to compose herself and then she just watched the Pole Jumping video today -- now she is a mess again! She gets all teary eyed when she is happy! We saw you two at the Pole Jumping event -- you both did great in the event!

  3. Hey guys! If you haven't already, stop by Dakota's blog for a chance to win NUTRISH!!



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