Monday, June 4, 2012

We are Back

Mom's surgery was moved from this week to before Memorial Day. While she had grand plans for preposting to cover the time she would not be available, all that was lost when she had to have her preop appointments and then scramble to change coverage for us and finish all the details a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

Katy has finally made a real close friend outside the family. One of Mom and Dad's adult nieces took the night shift while Dad stayed overnight with Mom at the hospital. Katy decided that someone who would come and not only feed you, but stay the night could possibly be trusted. While this person has visited the house and even stayed overnight on occasions, Katy has only shown slight interest. With Mom and Dad gone, she started to open up.

We would like to say we were on our best guest behavior while Mom and Dad were gone, but we were too worried. Sure, Dad leaves but not Mom. These things just are not normal. We were a bit restless and anxious. In fact, Bailey still is off his food since Mom has come home. I have been trying to help by offering to eat it for him, but all that happened was Dad rediscovered the spray bottle.

Mom finally is up to posting again and has some interesting stories to tell. She made it to the Whisker Walk and has photographs and stories to share from our adventure there.

We will be visiting blogs again. It has been rather hit or miss since Mom's surgery. We have missed all of you.


  1. Hey guys nows the time to be party and happy moms home, shes ok, and let her know how happy you are,

    Susie & Bites

  2. I'm sure glad your Momma is home and hopefully is doing okay!

  3. Just wanted to send best wishes for your mom's full recovery after surgery.

    And I hope that you all settle back into your routine soon.

  4. We are so glad you are back and our hoping that momma is doing ok

    urban hounds

  5. ohhhh nooooooo!!! We didn't know!! We are so sorry and we are hoping that your Mom is ok!!! ((((Hugs)))) we are so sorry that we didn't know!
    We just saw your "follow by email" button and we are SOOOO HAPPY cause now we don't have to miss ANY of your posts!!


  6. It's hard for dogs to understand all of the activities of humans that take them away. Glad everything is back to normal.

  7. Welcome back and I am glad to hear that your Mom is up to posting again! We are sending her big Newfie hugs!

  8. We hope your mom has a speedy recovery from surgery. I think Bailey and Katy sound like the perfect medicine to help speed up the recovery time.


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