Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baypath's Bark in the Park 2012 was a Wonderful Event

We wanted to get the information out about the Blogville Olympics yesterday, but we wanted to thank the Baypath Humane Society for sponsoring Bark in the Park at Hopkinton State Park. We spent Father's Day walking with our Dad and Mom to raise money for Baypath and got to do some other fun stuff while we were there.

This was us hanging out as we were waiting for the walk to begin. We met so many cool dogs. Many like us were adopted from rescue, others shelters like Baypath. We met a Sheltie alumnus of Baypath. He even walked in the parade of alumni's they had later. Mom was excited to meet a collie. The collie's owner was equally excited to meet Shelties as he had never met any. It made for an interesting exchange.

This walk was a little longer and hillier than the Whisker Walk or the other walks Mom has been doing as she recovers. She was quite tired when she was done. Therefore, after the walk, the humans got lunch and we rested and got quite comfortable and dirty in the black mulch. We looked like mulch creatures when we got up.

There were some fun booths and agility tryouts. Bailey did well at a sniffing event. Katy cheered from the sidelines.

Mom has finally admitted we will not be entering the Olympic swimming events and not due to the lack of water. We were allowed at the beach near the boat docks and while many dogs were wading and jumping in, we refused to put paw in the water although we did walk on the docks watching the other dogs enjoy the activity. The other Sheltie owner said his dog refuses to go near the water, too. We are hoping this makes our case stronger with Mom as she has been hopeful we would come to enjoy the experience.


  1. What a fabulous event that was.

    Now about that swimmin... I gotta admit it is NOT a sport that is fur Everybuddy.. and that is FINE... you can still get in all the others that you DO enjoy. Maybe you two could be the LIFE GUARDS fur the event. Gotta have THOSE you know. Just in case one of the Swimmers gets their furs all water logged or somethingy. No Worries, as our beloved Aussie Furends all say.

  2. The sniffing event sounded wonderful! I think I'm with you guys on skipping the swimming events too for the Olympics. We will join you in the Sheltie cheering section on the sidelines! :)

  3. What a great event with so many creative activities. Lucky dogs.

  4. Bark in the park? We are always barking at the Dog Park.

    As for water, we don't like it either.

    Essex & Sherman

  5. You got to bark in the park? How lucky! I wish I could be there too.



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